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i found myself being a super needy bitch this weekend, i am not sure if it’s the “cooter killer” that is haunting me, i am truly scared of the thing, but at the same time, i want Daddy to fuck me with it already. The suspense is torturing my brain, so unfortunately for Daddy, He has had to deal with me all weekend. But here’s the kicker….Daddy was busy all weekend, and really did not have the time to deal with me….so what happened? i became more needy, almost brat like, but while bugging the fire out of Him, i truly wasn’t wanting to be a pest. You see as for this control freak, i need details, i need a schedule, i need orders…i need to learn to have patience. Now luckily for me, my Daddy is very patient with me i think…how did i get so lucky in finding a Master that was patient? Yea, well i am not sure either.

Saturday i send Daddy a text asking if He was busy, He informed me He was, and that He was going to be busy all evening….i am instantly sad, why? That i am not sure of either, so i apologized to Him for bothering Him, even though He never makes me feel like i am a bother. So Saturday night was pretty uneventful for me, i stalked blogs, chatted with brookepuppy, we always have a good time together…so i was telling her of my uncontrollable neediness, she assured me that is a common emotion in some subs, anyway i truly tried to refrain from texting Daddy, but i was incapable of totally doing so…i sent a few text spread out over the night…i did text Him “Goodnight Daddy” but i didn’t ask Him permission to please me….but i pleased myself just the same, my rational thought was “Well if He is unavailable to be my Master for the day then the rules shouldn’t apply”….and yes i am a aware this thought will get me punished. Sunday morning was no different, i woke up ready to explode, so i pleased myself once more….

Daddy text me about two hours later, saying good morning and have a good day, and that He missed His puppet. i was over come with guilt, so i text back “Daddy? i have been bad”, He responded with “Daddy is aware of that puppet” normally you can not bullshit this bullshitter, but i was even more guilt stricken, i replied “you do Daddy?” He sent back “Yes my little puppet, and you will be punished, but you are to tell Daddy what you have done, I need to hear it from YOU!” well instantly i began confessing my two occasions of fucking myself, but He didn’t respond.

Several minutes passed, and i text “Daddy?” He only responded with “THINKING….” so i asked “about what Daddy” He was quicker with His return text of “Puppet, YOUR PUNISHMENT IS GROWING WITH EACH TEXT” so i am freaking out alittle alot. So what does a control freak do in a situation like this? Well this one argues, and tries to find the quickest resolution, so she can get on with her day….so i text Daddy again “Daddy? i seriously mean no disrespect right now, i do remember the last spanking i got for not following your rules, it was very effective, although my actions do not prove that…. Daddy? What if i am incapable of doing good? What if i am like those people who commit a crime and spend 20 years in prison and vow to never break the law again and the get out on parole and are back in the pen with in a few years….what if i am just a naturally bad person Daddy?” then i text (since that argument wasn’t enough) “Daddy? They say patience is a virtue, that i do not possess =(” He immediately sent back “My little puppet, you will be punished, and the more you argue with me, the worse it will be, you are to do as I SAY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” i sent back “Yes Daddy, i am sorry Daddy”, He sent back “Are you ready for your orders puppet?” i told Him “yes Daddy”

The first order was to lay totally nude on my bed and await the next order, so i undress and lay on the bed, the longer i laid there the more chilly the room got, my nipples were stiff and were starting to ache, about 20 minutes pass, and i text Daddy to ask if i could turn off the air conditioner, He said the only thing i was allowed to do was to lay there spread eagle awaiting my orders. i know i could of totally got up and turned off the air conditioner without His knowledge, i mean i doubt He knew it was even on, but i desperately wanted to prove to Him that i can follow orders, and i will do whatever He desires or allows me to do. So i lay there, cold and shivering, then He sends His next order, He requested a picture of my stiff nipple begging for some warmth from my touch…i send the picture and another 20 minutes pass, He ordered me to send Him a picture of one of my plugs, i replied “Yes Daddy” then He sent another text “It must be deep in your ass puppet, when you take the picture” again i replied “Yes Daddy”, it took me several attempts to talk myself into putting that plug in my ass, i was shivering, cold, and my nipples now had frost bite, so how does one shove a plug in there ass while that tense? It my dear readers was not easy, the pain was ten fold, the more i tried to relax the more i shook for warmth. i send Daddy the picture, then i laid on my back, then my side, then sorta on my stomach, i could not find a comfortable position to ease my discomfort, i kept thinking…if it were warm in here i could relax, Daddy sends another text “Puppet today is a lesson in patience, you are always eager to please Daddy which is wonderful, but when Daddy says something you have to learn to wait for it” i sent back ” Yes Daddy, i do try, please know that i try even tho i fail miserably at it” then i sent “Daddy, my ass is hurting” He replied with “Does Daddy need to come over and shove it in deeper? Or bring a larger one?” i told Him “No Daddy”, so another 20 minutes pass and He orders “Rub your cunt till you cum puppet” honestly it didn’t take me but about five seconds to scream out in pleasure….

i got cleaned up and text Daddy back thanking Him, He assured me that my punishment was far from over….

i seriously  can’t wait, but i dare to tell Him that….



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i just want to say first and  foremost  that i truly feel alive and  know that i am His slave… and one fear i had when submitting to myself to follow through with this decision was, while wanting to be submissive to a Master, i do not want to have to change who i am as a whole or ho for that matter! i have a twisted imagination, and an even more twisted sense of humor, if i have to give up my sense of humor to be someone’s slave then that person would not be the Master for me. i have found the Master that truly wakes the sleepiest part of my mind and soul, He fulfills every desire i have. i know how fortunate i am to have found Him. If He was ever to decide He did not want this fukpuppet, well parts of me would slip back into it’s slumber. My heart would be sad, but my Master whom i cherish and totally respect, would still have that respect from me, i would be sad, but i would do as He desires…but my Master…my Daddy, He lets me be me, and while submitting and giving up control to someone is very much new to me, i try my best to do so, and i am grateful that Daddy knows me well enough to know when i am being funny. Usually my wittiness only comes through in text and small talk, never in His castle, that is sacred, while in His castle, i am His slut, His bitch, His fukpuppet, and i will do exactly as i am told… that being said…and i apologize if it doesn’t make any sense but my adult A.D.D. is kicking my ass right now because it wants me to post about my yesterday….


i woke up at 4am and scrambled out of bed, showered, got ready for work, and ran out the door…usually i don’t run out the door to work, but today was special….i pulled up at Daddy’s snuck through His castle, crawled up on His bed, and kiss His cock, so He got to wake up with His cock throbbing in my throat. i had planned this for over a week….

*yay me*

Later at work i sent him a text…

puppet: Daddy i may get off early today, i am going by Christy’s Toy Box…any requests?

Daddy: Something BIG

*this is where i have a shocked look on my face*

Daddy: BIG!!!

puppet: OMG! How big Daddy? and what hole is it going in?

Daddy: Bigger then anything you have ever had before, or seen.

puppet; 4 my pussy right? not my ass?….im about to cry just thinking about it!

Daddy: 4 your pussy puppet

puppet: =(

puppet: Oh Daddy, thats gonna hurt….but the thought of the pain is turning me on, i wont lie…its not gonna give me a big ol cooter is it?

Daddy: lol

puppet: =)

*now this is where i text brookepuppy freaking out over how big is BIG*


puppet: lol u think?

*so then we started texting about a girls day out and going toy shopping together…but i won’t bore y’all with those details*

so i leave work and drive to the toy shop, now i have been in toys stores before, i am not embarrassed to walk around and have never been nervous making a purchase, but today was different, i could feel the beads of sweat form on my brow and lip, and i was blushing, so i look at all these yummy dildos, then venture over to the …well i call it the ummmm “cooter killer” section, then i walk away, empty handed….and went across the store and picked up lube, then pranced my nervous, sweating, blushing self back to the “CK” section. Was it easier to stare at the atrocious monsters with lube in tow? i like to think it did!

So since i am standing there, sweating like a whore in church, blushing and now having a hard time to not run out the door crying…i text

puppet:Daddy i am here

puppet: Umm Daddy? does it have to be long too or just big as around?

well a few minutes pass, i am sweating, and am standing there looking like Molly Shannon in Superstar, with my hands shoved in my armpits…wtf why am i standing like this? Oh yea…because people would stare if i shoved them in my pants to console my cooter! Which i thought i was wet down there from being turned on….but my cooter was so nervous she was now sweating too or crying….my poor cooter!

i grab a monster from the middle and check out, the cashier told me to enjoy my purchase, i wanted to kick him in the face!

Daddy: Rub yourself while you pay out my puppet

puppet: Daddy i am already in the car =(

Daddy: send me a pic of what you picked out

so i do….then i text brookepuppy

puppet: Its a cooter killa!….wanna see?

puppy: yes but a cooterless pic will work for me!

*haha she is sooooooooo funny*

puppy: Umm DANG!

puppy: you should see the beast (butt plug) it makes me cry!

puppet: yea i am scared!

puppet: i think this will make me cry 2! but Daddy promised me it wasn’t for my ass!

puppy: He lied! LOL

puppet: Ack! (that is me screaming via text)

puppet: He hasn’t responded to the pic yet….

puppy: You probably scared him…haha

puppet: Good cuz im whore~a~fied!!! lmao i tickle myself

*i text Daddy again….i am a bucket of nerves…what if my big isn’t His BIG? What if His BIG is smaller then the one i got…or worse yet what if it’s BIGger?*

puppet: Daddy?

Daddy: Send the pic puppet!

puppet: i did Daddy

*well i sent it like 8 times and He finally gets the pic*

puppet: It’s really BIG Daddy, maybe its so BIG that it’s too BIG to be sent via text message! =)~

*several hours later and i have this cooter killer in my purse, because i was hoping i could show it to Him while i was out and about, it filled up my purse and my purse was busting at the seems to get it closed and hidden*

puppet: Hiya Daddy….whatcha doin?

Daddy: Still working ugh!

*pic sent again*

Daddy: Don’t look all that big

puppet: R u kidding me? That thing will kill my cooter! Is this some evil plan to get me to stop begging to play with my cooter?

Daddy: lol

puppet: Its BIG Daddy!!!

puppet: im serious Daddy!!

Daddy: Do I need to go get one my little puppet? Does Daddy need to show you what BIG means?

puppet: Daddy the one i picked out may paralyze me, i wont be able to walk….whats the fun in tying me up if i couldn’t run away in the first place?

*sorry if that comment offends anyone…but my cooters vitality was at stake!*

Daddy: There are bigger ones then that there puppet! I know that wasn’t the biggest one you saw!!!!!

puppet: Well Daddy you are gonna have to treat me like a virgin! =)~

puppet: Daddy its big BIG!

Daddy: okay we will see!

puppet:*yea i dont really know when to shut the fuck up* you said big or BIG not the BIGGEST…great now my cooter is crying! you have gone and  hurt her feelings Daddy!

puppet: Thank you Daddy!

puppet: now you are going to have to apologize to my cooter Daddy! =)


puppet: i am all giggly Daddy, it must be my nerves…i am scared of this thing….it seriously doesnt look BIG to you?

Daddy: Try it out

puppet: NO!

Daddy: WHAT????????

puppet: i want you to fuck me with it first Daddy!

Daddy:Good answer!

puppet: Because  it’s a cooter killer…and when this thing kills my cooter, you at least u got to be there!

Daddy: Goodnight my little puppet!

*grinning ear to ear but my cooter isnt*

puppet; Good night Daddy!

Daddy….WHEN??????? The anticipation is killing me….the cooter killer is haunting all my thoughts…i even had nightmares about it last night!


Texting with Daddy….

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Yesterday afternoon….

Daddy: Are you alone puppet?

puppet: Yes Daddy!

Daddy: Spread your legs wide and send me a picture of you pussy

puppet: Yes Daddy!

A few minutes pass and about 7 pictures later i finally have taken one that was Daddy worthy, i need longer arms or more grace…it was difficult taking a worthy pic…

Daddy: very nice puppet, now go to your front door, open it and you may rub you pussy there….

puppet: Thank you….Yes Daddy

Forever moments passed

Daddy: I want you to return to your bed puppet and fuck yourself with a dildo

puppet: Yes Daddy

Daddy: I want a picture of you fucking your pussy puppet

puppet: Yes Daddy


puppet: Sorry Daddy

This is where i should add that taking a picture while fucking my self and my Adult A.D.D. and my lack of grace, getting a picture that i think He would think was worth His wait…well it took me a few tries!

puppet: K Daddy….Sorry for the wait….

*fucking myself like a wild woman*

Daddy: Do NOT cum!

puppet: K Daddy

then He called and granted me permission to cum….i gushed….but i still craved Him….

Last Night….

puppet: Daddy?

Daddy: Yes my little puppet?

this is where im grinning bc i heart being called “my little puppet”

puppet: Can i please me again?


puppet: k Daddy =(

Daddy:Stop pouting and go to bed puppet NOW!

puppet: Good night Daddy

Daddy: nite my little puppet

oh yea….im grinning again….


puppet: Daddy?


puppet: ugh!

puppet: =(

Daddy: Does someone need to get naked and stand in the door way again? Alot of traffic this time of day, puppet!

puppet: i am not home yet Daddy, i am on my way home from work =)

yea i am a brat today…

Daddy: Well go straight there and text me the minute your are alone

puppet: Yes Daddy

puppet: Daddy?


puppet: do i turn you on Daddy?

Daddy: Yes my little puppet now pay attention to the road and go HOME

puppet: Yes Daddy

oh yea….im grinning ear to ear…and all giggly….poor Daddy…He is going to have His hands full today….

Later on

puppet: Daddy?

Daddy: puppet?

puppet: hi Daddy =)~

Daddy: Hi my little puppet

im still grinning!

puppet:Daddy, um can i rub my }i{ now?

Daddy: Yes

puppet: Oh thank you Daddy! Can i cum as well Daddy?

puppet: Daddy…im (scroll down)

(  @  )(  @  )



Daddy: NO

puppet: why not?


puppet: well Daddy its no fun rubbing my pussy if i cant cum, what if i cum on accident?

oh im giggling….but He wasnt!

Daddy: Did my little puppet forget who its MASTER was?


puppet: No Daddy, i am just hornee….u made me this way….its a sweet torture that you give me…..

Daddy: Are you alone?

puppet: yes, doesnt Daddy like it when His little puppet orgasms and screams His name?

Daddy: Yes i do!

puppet: Dont you like watching me quiver into the orgasmic euphoria that you have sent me to?

FOREVER PASSES  several minutes pass…..

puppet: i am sorry i am a brat Daddy

puppet: Doesn’t that bring You much joy and satisfaction Daddy? When You have me begging You for more?

Daddy: you may cum now my little puppet


this is where i get off….yay me….

puppet: Daddy?

Daddy: yes my little puppet

puppet: i beg for you to allow me to orgasm Daddy because it brings you much joy knowing its your hand at work…i want to be a good fuck puppet and if i have to orgasm 9 times a day to bring you constant joy then i will!

Daddy: I know you would puppet, but Daddy has rules, that you MUST follow…

puppet: yes Daddy, i am sorry

serveral minutes pass…..

Daddy: are you going to post today?

puppet: yes Daddy, was thinking about posting this

Daddy: well you must be naked with nipple clamps on.

puppet: Yes Daddy…

WHEW! its the flipping end….

do you know how much i bump my boobs while typing? i seriously need a reduction and better posture! Oh and grace…but…

i heart texting with Daddy!



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After an exhaustively long night at work, i had decided that i was going straight home, taking a hot bath, and then some sleep, there would be no internetting, no blog stalking, no texting, just me in my big cozy bed..i was wore out! My commute to work is about an hour drive, which living in rural America, i only have about 15 miles at each end of my commute that i actually have phone service, so after jamming out and getting close enough to home that i had reception, i text Daddy “Good Morning Daddy” like i always do, he promptly replied “Good morning, how is my little puppet?” Every time He calls me “my little puppet” i can’t help but smile, i love that even in idle chat, He shows his ownership of me, i seriously couldn’t be happier about it. So, i text Him back “It was a crazy long night, i am exhausted, my plans are go home, a hot bath, and then to bed” so then i sent Him another message “i hope you have a great day Daddy!” He replied “No your not puppet, you need to meet me this morning, so I need you to drive to Blue County Rd, go north towards the old barn and then take the next right”

So i turn my car around and drive to my ordered destination, He is parked just about a block up the side road, i could see Him sitting on His tailgate before i ever turned right, i couldn’t help but grin, i was so happy to see Him, and i had been doing a great job of keeping my inner brat sedated. i get out of the car and walk over to Him, He stands up and unzips His jeans, i get on my knees and kiss His warm cock, then i begin to lick, and as i start to take it into my mouth, He pulls away and said “No puppet thats not why you’re here!” i was shocked, Daddy always allows me to suck His cock…

He walks to the cab of His truck and takes out a blanket and partially unfolds it and lays it over the tailgate…then He takes some thin rope from the bed of His truck, walks over to me and orders me to turn around, He takes my hands and bounds them tightly behind my back, He walks me over to the tailgate and says “Bend over puppet” while He is pulling my pants down…my heart jumped into my throat, i would love to say you could hear a pin drop at that very moment, but you couldn’t because apparently Blue County Rd has quite a lot of traffic at 7:30am, and all i could hear was the cars passing by….

So now laying bent over the tailgate with my bare ass exposed, Daddy asks”Do you crave my spankings puppet?” well of course i did so i answer “Yes Daddy i do” He begins to speak again “I know you get great pleasure from them, and to quote you puppet, you CRAVE them…is this correct?” again i respond with “Yes Daddy i do” he then states “I have a problem with my punishment not being taken for what it is…PUNISHMENT, so this morning I am going to show you what you think you crave, if you interrupt me with your pleading for me to stop, I will NOT stop, I WILL make it worse…Do you understand My little puppet?” with less enthusiasm then before i replied “Yes Daddy i understand”

He wasted no time, He began striking me very hard, and not in the same spot as the last, it wasn’t long before my whole ass was stinging and hot, it took very few strikes from His large hands for me to realize He wasn’t playing around…after about ten hits, He said “Is this what you craved puppet” fighting back the tears i said “Yes Daddy”, He then says “Are you satisfied MY little puppet?” now fighting a large lump in my throat, i said “Yes Daddy” all the while trying to sound like i wasn’t about to cry, He snapped back “I don’t believe you puppet!” so He takes a switch from the bed of his truck and returns to my red glowing ass, each movement of His arm made the switch almost whistle in the air, i held back my tears as long as i could and began to sob….He stops, and asks again “Is this what you CRAVE?” i say again “Yes Daddy, i crave you” He tosses the switch down and takes His belt off, i physically don’t know how much i can take, my ass is near bleeding, you can now hear cars slow way down as they pass, and my ass is right there for all to see, while thinking about how i wish this road didn’t have so much traffic….He ended up giving me about 20 licks with the belt, His large left hand nestled the small of my back to keep me from struggling to move out-of-the-way of His punishment, i was crying to hard to beg Him to stop, so that worked out in my favor….then He stops, He stands there admiring my freshly red painted ass, he says “Are you satisfied My little puppet, or do you crave more?” i answered Him saying “i am satisfied when you are Daddy” He went on to say how proud He was of my not begging Him to stop, but He thinks maybe in the future i will know the difference in Him spanking to give me pleasure, and of Him punishing me…He began to rub my whelped red ass, ever so gently…feeling His marks, He leans into me, and while untying my hands He kisses the back of my neck, and orders me to go home, bathe, and rest, with a half grin He said “you may want to sleep on your stomach today puppet”  I bent down, unzipped His pants, and kissed His swollen cock that was stained with a few droplets of cum….

Before i drift off to dream, all i can think is how completely satisfied i am…..

Say It LIke You Mean It…..

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i enterred His room, he was laying outstretched and nude,  my heart was pounding, i was so excited, but refrained from showing the signs. i crawled up the foot of His bed and kissed his cock, He placed His hand on the back of my neck, which i knew exactly what that meant, He wanted me to suck his cock, i had missed this. i hadn’t tasted Him since the Sunday brunch, i could feel his cock growing thicker with each bob of my head,  my excitement is getting more difficult to hide, but Daddy hadn’t said a word, was He dissatisfied with my sucking? Was He excited too? Was he trying to hide it from me? Then i thought He knows it must be killing me, my not knowing His emotion. i continue to suck his cock, He begins to force my mouth further down the shaft, with each gag He lets me up for half a breath then forcefully shoves my head deeper down then the time before….i was in heaven, then after 20 minutes of the silence, He speaks…..

His hand still holding my head, His cock deep in my throat He says “Undress for me, NOW!” i do as i am told, the lights were on, His bedroom door was open, i wanted to cover my self…my mind was racing, i couldn’t believe i was standing naked and exposed, not because it was in front of Him, it was because it was in front of anyone, all the thoughts speed up, then He gets up off the bed and walks past me, i was thinking he was going to turn off the lights and shut the door, but He did neither, He is standing behind me, He leans in and says in my ear “Bend over puppet” again i do as i am told, He places His foot in-between my feet pushing my ankles further apart, He steps back, my ass is higher than my upper body, one of the curses of being tall i suppose, He rubs my ass, with each circle stroke He makes is more rough then the last, He stops, my breathing is short and brisk, then He speaks again, “You touched yourself without permission, Didn’t you puppet?” i replied “yes Daddy” but my words didn’t carry like His did, my words were soft, almost a whisper, He brings His hand down on the right side of my over exposed ass, i unintentionally lunge forward some, He grabs my hips and pulls me back to Him, followed by another hard drop on the right side of my ass, by now i am grabbing the sheets to brace myself, now having two hand full of the sheets, trying to remember to breath, Daddy speaks again, “Did you touch your pussy with out my permission puppet?” i said “Yes Daddy” another smack of His hand on my now stinging ass, He asked “are you going to do this again puppet?” i said “no”, He leans up grabs me by the hair of the head and says ” Say it like you mean it puppet!” i say “NO Daddy” he releases my hair from His hand, then smacks the left side of my ass, one after another, each one stinging worse than the previous one…

He ran  his hand down between my ass, and over my cunt, He can feel my wetness, which has now saturated His hand…He begans to circle my clit with his fingers, i began to thrust my hips, another forceful hand found my ass, i ceased my thrusting, then Daddy grabs the hair on the back of my head, and pulls my head back and whispers in my ear “Do you want to touch your pussy, puppet?” ” Do you want to cum for Daddy?” i began backing my hips into Him, i can feel His cock nestling against my stinging ass, Daddy yanks my head back a little further “ANSWER ME” i began saying “Yes Daddy” while promising to not touch myself again with out his permission…. ever again…

He grants me permission and i began rubbing my clit, He takes a step back and watches me from behind, then He leans down, and starts tongue fucking my asshole, the moans, and gasps for air,  over came me, He felt so good, i feel an orgasm rising to the surface, now i am not sure if it were my moans, or breathing that gave it away but He knew, and said “You want to cum don’t you puppet?” i while trying to catch enough breath to muster up words said “yes Daddy, oh please Daddy, Daddy?” He was back to tongue fucking my ass, i held it in, minutes later He raises up so again i began to plead “Daddy? Daddy? Can i please cum for you Daddy?” He granted me permission, i came hard, the muscles in my legs and thighs twitched following my moaning orgasm, it was such a great feeling, i am not sure of the last time that i came that intense.

Daddy walked around the bed, places his hand around my neck and orders me to take his cock in my mouth, He pumped his cock in and out of my throat, gagging me numerous times, but this time He wasn’t as eager to allow me up for air, the more i seemed to be struggling with myself to not gag the hard He slammed his cock down, when i think i can’t take it anymore, He pulls it out and asks me whether or not i was to taste his cum, and i told him that i did want it, he grabs my throat with his large hand and says “Say it like you mean it” i begged and didn’t stop until the last drop hit my face.

Limitless List of Limits….the 2009 limited edition….

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Now that Daddy has given me my rules, its only fair i tell Him my limits, i have thought long and hard about this, i have known my limits for quite sometime…i have always considered myself a try~sexual, i have to try things twice to make sure i don’t like them, i mean why rule something out forever when i could have been having a bad day, or not in the mood but succumbed to it anyway…it would be unfair to my inner freak to not give it one more try…so here goes…

Eating shit  or vomit or drinking urine or swallowing your spit, those my dear Daddy are out of the question, sorry i am starting off gross, probably too gross ( i am hopeful Daddy,  you think it is gross as well and my not wanting to try any of those does not disappoint you)…

i am not saying i would be opposed to your urinating  on me, because it would be warm, it is sterile, but although messy, i would try it only if it were something you want to do…just don’t aim for my mouth *gags* i prefer to only gag when you’re ramming your cock down my throat…

Some of the things i post are out of my weird little mind, they are fantasies, random thoughts, or fears, i have diagnosed myself with A.A.D.D., my mind while dirty and stuck in the deepest crevice of any dingy, dark, filthy gutter, it is hyperactive and bounces like a rubber ball in a round room…

This is the part where i invite you in mind…so pull up a chair, hope you brought a flashlight because its dark in here most of the time! =) Or maybe you are wearing a glow in the dark necklace, or have a glow stick…wow thought would be fun…weeeeeeeeee see there i went off on something else…

Okay back to my post….my mind hasn’t grown older with my body, it still has me very athletic as i was in high school, which in turn makes me be very limber, acrobatic, and without exhaustion, but my body, now in its thirties has its limits…like being on my knees…Daddy i well drop to my knees and suck your cock for as long as you want it, but you are probably going to have to help me back up, and if i someday write a post about my riding your cock while we are hanging upside down on some monkey bars, please know that is not something i can actually do, i mean if i even tried, i would probably need a paramedic before you had a chance to cum, because i would be laying flat out on the ground under you…oh..if you put me in a corner, forgive me if i can not stand still, i have A.A.D.D remember? OH! One time in fourth grade i had to stand on my tip toes with my nose in a circle on the chalk board (the circle was drawn with yellow chalk) well i sneezed and snot went all over the chalk board, it was messy and gross, OH! and then this one time….at band camp…just kidding….

Anyway, sometimes Daddy my mind will come up with scenarios, that my old body won’t be able to do for very long or without injury to myself or to you…which would be awful if we were too stowed up to do anything else…

Oh and while i have you here Daddy, lets talk about punishment shall we?? Good! i think a great punishment for me would be to eat chocolate, or oreo cakesters, or….okay i will stop before i take that too far….lol oh i like chocolate chip cookies too…mmmm with cold milk……DAMN MY A.A.D.D…..


Daddy Rules…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2009 by fukpuppet

Now i know the title to this post can mean that Daddy rules, (which he totally does) but it actually means he has given me my rules today…and well i AM SOOOOO SEXCITED…or can you tell?

Daddy has given me five rules, now we are both new to this and i am not sure if five is a lot or too few, but i feel like it’s a good start for us. i won’t go into detail as to what HIS rules are for me, but i am going to discuss one of them, it’s the one rule that is probably going to be the death of me, either by obeying this rule or disobeying this rule, well death is a strong word…but it will be torture either way!

What’s the rule you may be asking the computer screen right now…well it’s the rule that i can not pleasure myself without his consent, so no orgasms unless i have asked HIM in advance. Well i enjoy cumming, it’s probably my favorite past time, well not probably it IS my most favorite thing to do. i am thrilled to have a Master, and even more pleased Daddy agreed to be that person in my life, but what Daddy doesn’t understand or maybe he does (which would only make him evil) is that i can NOT go more then a day without it, i seriously do good to go 12 hours.

On Sunday, during our “brunch” Daddy had forbid me to finish, he sent me home due to my behavior and tardiness, which i love to be punished, i love being taken down a notch by him, i crave the sting on my ass that his large quick hand provides, but mentally i don’t enjoy knowing Daddy isn’t happy, and granted we are still in the very early stages of this relationship, and there is still a great deal to be learned by both of us, but i had mountains of respect for him long before now, i had always cherished our friendship and in spite of the different roads we have taken in life we are still close, whether its been a week since we talked or years since. So knowing my Daddy is that person that i loved and cherished before now makes the acting out/misbehaving hard. So training me to be his slave in some sense will be easy for him, but he still has to come into own as a Master, which i don’t know him causing me pain or limiting my joys may be easier for him then i wish to give him credit for. He has to be comfortable enough to push me to my limits, and i need to go above and beyond to make sure this is a joyful relationship for him too. (okay back to the asking Daddy before i can cum) sorry i got off on a rant….

Anyway…Sunday evening i was allowed to get off, i finally had his blessing, even if i was a brat about getting it, i still got my way…um YAY me! Daddy will learn that i may or may not try to push his buttons that i have learned over the years to work in my favor…like making him laugh, we laugh a lot together…anyway i sent him a text asking him if he phone was broken, and it had caught him off guard, because he replied denying his phone being broken, and i sent back “oh okay good, because for some reason you haven’t told me that i could cum and i just figured you wanted me to cum by now” it made him laugh because he send back an “lol yes you may!” so see, we have a way to go, but we are making great strides at the same time, now i know Daddy reads my posts so my making him laugh won’t work next time, and that is okay with me…

 i am only posting it so the lil brat in me won’t think it will work ever again.

Well Daddy hasn’t let me cum since then, so last night i told him good night, and he asked had i played with my pussy and i assured him i had not (which i was telling the truth, one benefit for him is i can’t lie to him) but i woke up at 1:48 a.m. and was rubbing my cunt and woke up as i was cumming, now seriously this was a first for me, to be awaken by my own orgasm, so i text Daddy and told him of my misbehaving, he text me this morning assuring me i would be punished, so i asked if he would let me explain, he sent back a “you can explain it to me while i am spanking you for it” OMG! i was sooooo turned on, Daddy is going to be good for me. i only hope that i will be good for him. So all day i have thought of this “spanking”, it has consumed all my idle thoughts! So of course i am begging to get to cum again soon…no such luck…maybe because of my incident at 1:48 a.m.!

Daddy, i just want you to know that this rule is going to torture me either way, it was very clever of you! But a lesson we both should take from this is, if you make me go longer then 48 hours without cumming, then my sub conscience takes over…then am i still responsible for my “inner brats” actions?