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12 Days….

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As i have mentioned before, my vanilla relationship hit a brick wall, it finally came to a sudden stop, it took us years to finally crash and burn, so i had somewhat prepared myself for it. What i did not prepare myself for was the aftermath, picking up the pieces, my self-esteem was shot to hell, it took “schitty” 8 years to have me believing that i was never going to be good enough, that i was not worth anyones time or energy. Now Daddy and i, we have a history, that stems back at least 17 years, Daddy was never one to blow sunshine up my ass, we have had many a heated discussions in the past, our different views on the world and what not, but one thing He has never done was tell me that i had no value, He was my first real date, my first real relationship, i have always had a love for Him. Granted we only dated one summer, then again at the end of my senior year of high school for about two months, even though we never had sex, He was always the best sex i never had.

He remained the best sex i’d never had up until two months ago, when i realized that¬†“schitty” was cheating on me….i couldn’t wrap my mind around it, why would that piece of shit cheat on me? i am the biggest freakiest mother fucker i know. Good riddance all the same…back to Daddy ūüôā

The past two months has been the most fulfilling months of my life, i crave pleasing Him, i crave sessions with Him, Daddy and i both have a great sense of humor, we can spend hours laughing at nothing, it had been 12 days since our last session, and i was like a crack head looking for a hit. i did not have to go 12 days without seeing Daddy, i got to hang out with Him on two different occasions, one was just for a few minutes and another was for a few hours, i enjoyed them both very much, He is a great friend, but i craved being His fukpuppet, it is one of the highlights of my life.

Daddy has been super busy, i have had¬†a lot of idle time, so i wasn’t getting orders, granted He did grant me permission to cum on a few occasions, but i wanted Him to experience me cumming for Him, we made plans to have a session on two different occasions, but He had to cancel, one day we went most of the day with a text, it was driving me totally insane, i couldn’t wrap my mind around what i had done to deserve this sort of punishment, granted i love getting punished, but with each punishment i felt guilt more than the last, i can truly say i now know what subs mean when they claim disappointing their Master is worse than the punishment. i so get it now.

Daddy had made a few comments on His social page about burning bridges, saying goodbye, etc…well it sent my already fragile mind and poor self-esteem into a deep dark place, so i couldn’t take it anymore, i mean if He didn’t want to be my Master anymore, He should just tell me, maybe i was wrong, maybe i was not good enough for Him either, i don’t think i could find another Master that i respected as much as Daddy, or loved as much either. Daddy has never thought that i was weird, or if He has, He has NEVER made me feel weird. So i just asked Him on Sunday night or told Him rather, that if He didn’t want to have me as His fukpuppet any longer just to tell me, i couldn’t take the not knowing any longer, i told Him that i loved Him and never ever wanted to complicate His life, well He sent back a text stating “ITS NOT YOU PUPPET! YOU’RE MINE! RELAX!”….ummmmm relax? Really? UGH!

After a failed attempt for a session on Monday night, we did get to have a session last night, 12 days since the last one. i was so excited, my inner sluts turned three cartwheels when i received the text stating “Be here in 10 minutes, I do not have a lot of time…bring CK!”¬† YAY mE! i have the best Daddy in the WORLD!

With a pounding heart, i enter His bedroom, He did say hello to me, which generally He is quiet, He prefers for me to immediately kiss and savor His cock before speaking to me, i like it too, it’s like a secret handshake, my inner slut loves it! i crawl up on His bed, straddling His left leg, and begin to lick, kiss, and finally taste His cock, i missed it, the warmth in my mouth growing thicker with each stroke down my throat, He placed His hands on my head guiding and controlling my rhythm and speed, i missed His cock, i missed His smell, i missed His hands tugging my hair, i missed HIM.

He orders me to stand and strip off my clothes for Him. With my face now red from humiliation i began to strip for Him, i removed my top, then my bra, then i pulled down my silk pj bottoms, and as they dropped to the floor He moved to the edge of the foot of the bed, He ordered me to take His cock in my mouth, so i bent over, He took His feet and edged my feet further away from each other, my nipples bounced off His thighs as i took every inch of His cock in my mouth, i felt whole again. i was one happy fukpuppet for sure!

He ordered me to stand before Him, then He got up and told me to bend over, i bent over and grabbed the bottom sheet with my hands, gripping them tight, not out of fear, but out of excitement, i have been craving the sting on my ass that only Daddy can deliver, He began spanking me harder than He has ever spanked me before, there was no introductory pats, they were full force “you’re my whore and feel your Masters power” swats. Um OUCH! i am bad about losing the count of swats during the spanking, because my mind gets to racing and i lose the number, i made it to 4 before i had to stop counting, to mentally tell my knees not to buckle for mercy. He stops, and orders me to not move, while He left me there, i could feel the heat radiating off my ass…

¬†He returned, i felt something cold on my asshole, then i heard that old familiar sound, the chill of the whip cream was enough to take my breath, my mind was trying to process the heat of my inflamed ass cheeks and my now cold asshole. Daddy was asking me questions, but i can not for the life of me remember what He asked. my mind was on my ass and only on my ass…the hard spanking continued, while He licked the whipped cream off my asshole and cunt, He handed me CK and ordered me to fuck myself, i was trying, my knees were ready to collapse in ecstasy, He ordered me to fuck myself harder, He raised up and went to the side of the bed and began fucking my mouth harder than He ever has, i kept gagging, trying to find some air, Daddy was in control, He stood His ground, after gagging and trying to fight the urge to puke, well i¬†failed, i immediately began apologizing, there was already a towel under my face, i was humiliated, but He patted my head in a comforting way, then returned to spanking my ass, i had dropped CK during my gag reflex’s rebellion to His fucking my throat like His cock was an angry¬†jack hammer. He shoved His cock deep in my cunt, nut deep to be exact, and held it there until i could regain my composure, i wanted Him to fuck me, i began to grind my hips, and gyrate my cunt over His cock, which only made Him return to smacking my asswith great force.

¬†He allowed me to put my knees up on the bed, and told me i could rub my clit, and ordered me to cum for Daddy. Daddy took CK and began fucking my cunt hard and fast, it hurt so much, but i craved His pain, i craved being His fukpuppet, so when He asked if it were pain or pleasure, i told Him the truth, i told Him both, but i liked it, He ordered me to “CUM NOW PUPPET” i did, and i squirted and flooded CK right out of my cunt, while collapsing forward He took me over His knee….

my ass was red, swollen and on FIRE! i had assumed He had spanked my ass, but i was wrong, my spanking hadn’t even started….Daddy began to lecture me on my behavior. With every offense He informed me of, my ass felt His anger and disappointment, i laid with my face in my hands for most of it, but my muffled words angered Him more, He rubbed His hand around my ass, and made me tell Him that my ass belonged to Him, and i¬†proudly did so… He said “Its a great ass, Daddy loves spanking this ass, isn’t this a pretty ass puppet?” i shook my head back and forth disagreeing with Him. He was now blistering my ass, i was begging for forgiveness, but He only stopped spanking me long enough to bend down and bite my ass hard, my hands were gripping the pillow i was now biting on, i was fighting back tears, He began spanking me again, telling me “Daddy loves having His fukpuppet, and puppet should need to be asking Him whether or not He wants her, Daddy never wants to have this conversation again, you belong to Me and that is final, DO YOU UNDERSTAND PUPPET?” i was screaming yes Daddy, i am sorry Daddy, He then made me repeat back to Him that i was His pretty little fukpuppet, the tears started flowing as i spoke, He bit my ass about 4 more times, then softly kissed my ass, the small of my back, up the the back of my neck, while reaching around and taking my throat in His hand, He whispered in my ear that i was HIS, and that my doubting Him would never ever be tolerated.

Daddy, i am Yours!




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i find myself longing

longing for what i want

longing for what i crave

longing for what i do not have

longing for what my soul aches for

longing for His touch

longing for His sting on my ass

longing for the taste of His cock

longing to be breathless

longing to choke on His cock

longing for Him to pull my arm forcefully behind me

longing for His whispers to find my ears

longing to feel Him against my back

longing for Him in my ass

longing with my back arched

longing for the sounds His forceful hand makes as it greets my ass

longing to feel His teeth sinking into my ass

longing for His tongue to find my slippery cunt

longing the intense pain as He tortures my nipples

longing to be punished

longing to be put in my place

longing to moan

longing to feel His wrath

longing to be had

longing to be used to His liking

longing to please Him

longing to satisfy Him

longing to fulfill His orders

longing for Him

longing to be fucked the way He wants to fuck me

longing  for permission to cum

longing for Daddy

“Good Morning Daddy…”

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It started out as a usual day, i got up and went to work, and sent Daddy His “Good morning Daddy how can your fukpuppet please you today…” text, well i knew what would come next, He will text back saying Good morning puppet, i mean we do this every single day….i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, so i tucked away into a resident’s room¬†and looked at His text, OMG it wasn’t His usual! It was “You can plz me by plzing urself 6 times today!” ūüôā so my heart began pounding, i replied with “Really?????” He quickly answered “YES!” well the questions flooded my mind…so i text Him asking if i were to message Him every time i came….”Yes, but i am with some people today so do NOT text me, i will check in on you through out the day when I am alone” ….so my day just got better…ummmm YAY me!


JP, a resident’s son brought fresh donuts in this morning, and i did the weekly weigh in, and only lost a pound, now granted i did not totally adhere to my caloric restraint each and every day, but i felt i did decent, more than one pound decent. i mean i had gone an entire week without a Coca~cola, much less any CHOCOLATE! i deserved¬†better than minus one pound! so what did i do? Well you see i heart¬† heart heart cake donuts, and well there was one in the box, it was chocolate with chocolate icing, and dammit it was even warm when i touched it, instantly my nipples pressed against my top, my cooter had a lil kegal spasm, just from touching the damn thing! My mouth was watering, i needed it in my mouth, i needed it on my tongue just the way i crave Daddy’s cock in my mouth, so whats a fukpuppet to do? Well i did what any cockwhore does when Daddy slaps her on the face with His cock, i devoured it, slowly taking it in, with each sink of my teeth, i could feel my clit ache, it was the best fucking donut i have ever put my mouth on. my face was flushed, my breathing was a bit rapid, it was orgasmic.¬† i love following Daddy’s orders!


It was time for my lunch break, so i drove to the park, there is a walking track there and i was suppose to be walking but instead, i played with myself, it was weird i thought only pedophiles touched themselves at the park, thank goodness the park was empty, but that thought almost ruined it for me, so i concentrated on Daddy, on His hands, how His hands feel on my tits, the way He rubs my ass (along with a lecture) prior to blistering my naughty ass, this orgasm came quickly….Daddy fucks me so good, even when He is miles away!


i gave the oncoming nurse report, and quickly clocked out and headed home, so i was thinking how am i going to cum four more times? i pulled onto a dirt road, that appeared to be less traveled, probably due to all the rain, so i stopped just a few yards from the highway, i did not want ot get stuck and have to call someone to come get me, then have to explain why i pulled down that road in the first place,¬† so i laid my seat back rolled the windows down and let the cool misty breeze blow over me, i exposed my tits, my nipples were erect and cold, it quickly brought back the memory of Saturday night, oh how my ass burned in the cold air from His punishment, i could almost feel Daddy’s breath in my ear, like when He was forbidding me to cum, but i kept rubbing my clit, harder and harder, i was totally lost in the moment of orgasm, my legs quivered, as i put my tits back into my bra, and raised the seat, backed out and proceeded to drive home.


I laid in bed, naked and under the covers, my phone begins to vibrate, i reach for it and it’s Daddy, “Did u do as u were told puppet?” i told Him i had 3 done and He responded with”Y only 3?”….”bc Daddy u said 6 times today, i am sorry i didnt realize you meant b4 4pm, i just assumed i had until midnight, but i am working on 4 right now” crap! He then sent”lol okay puppet, i will check in with you later” i imagined Him showing up, and catching me rubbing my clit, then Him bending me over and fucking me hard, my clit was not used to all the hard rubbing, it was very sensitive, but i got through it, i came to thought of Daddy cumming in my ass.


It was nearing time for bed, so i got my kids settled, and headed to the hot shower with “CK” i somehow ended up on my knees, fucking this fake cock that i spent weeks scared of, but tonight i couldn’t fuck it hard enough, it was intense, the hot water hitting me in face , even stealing my oxygen at times, i began grabbing my tits hard, tugging on my nipple rings, the steam filled bathroom quickly filled with my screams…



after checking my facebook, myspace, and making my blog rounds, i ended my night with watching spanking videos, i was jealous of all the red asses,  so i went on to bed, i grabbed some pink water lube and my butt plug, shoved it in my ass while leaning over my bed, like i was waiting on Daddy to lecture me, i reached back and turned the vibrator switch to on, and laid there longing for Daddy, i was craving His touch more and more, i laid over the bed for a long time, naked and exposed, then i began grinding my hips, humping the edge of the mattress, i reached down and began to rub my clit as i bit my comforter to muffle my orgasmic screams!

Daddy Your fukpuppet was a very good puppet today, she obeyed You, but she desperately craves You and Your touch, even with her jello legs, and tortured clit, she still craves YOU!


Let’s Rodeo!

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What do you think of when you hear Rodeo? im sure like me you think of cowboys, horses, bulls, oh and dust! But if you’re¬†a twisted individual like me you quickly began to think of rope, a bit in your mouth, and someone mounting you, and if your lucky that person is holding a crop and ready to use it!

¬†Daddy and i have tried to get together all week, so He sent me a text saying that we were going to meet somewhere tonight…well if you frequent Daddy’s Puppet Show then you know i have ZERO patience! So, my mind ran rapid, then He text me “meet me at the Rodeo grounds in 15 minutes” OMG! 15 minutes? i ran around here like a chicken with my head cut off, then He sent “bring CK” oh my gravy! not the cooter killer! so i went and got “CK” and some lube and headed that way….well someone had blocked the drive way, i had to call my neighbor which happens to be my sister and ask that her company more their vehicle, so what happens? She decides to come out side for a visit along with her company, i was trying to be nice and not appear impatient or anxious, but i failed! Do these people not realize i have to be somewhere¬†promptly? That Daddy frowns on my being late when He has summoned¬†me? Maybe they did know and they are sadistic! Well i finally got to be on my way, and Daddy texts “UR LATE”…ugh damn those chatty catheys!

The Rodeo grounds has two sides….a secluded side (which was locked) and the side that is about two blocks off of¬†the highway where Daddy was parked, facing the highway, i immediately began asking Him a million questions, “why¬†here Daddy” “What is someone sees us?””Aren’t you cold?” “It’s cold out here” Finally He spoke “I think puppet is suppose to be sucking my cock not talking!” He was right! So i quickly shut the fuck up and happily took His cock in my mouth, He only allowed me to savor it for a few moments. Then He put the tailgate down on His truck…

“Drop you pants puppet” His voice was stern but i found comfort, as i always do. As i shivered i lowered my pants for Him, His voice became more demanding “Bend over puppet” i half ass whispered “yes Sir” ( my puppet voice is so damn meek and mild i often have a hard time understanding what i have said). The air was cold, the breeze was frigid on my bare and overly exposed ass, He began slapping my ass hard, with each slap another reason for His punishment…i was late, i was argumentative of the location, i questioned Him, i was getting what i “deserved”, on two occasions i called Him by name and not by Daddy…the lecture stopped long enough for Him to ask if i were cold, i was, i was biting the back of thumb to keep my teeth from chattering, and from yelling out in pain, so upon Him hearing that i was cold, He yanked my jacket and shirt up, told me to raise up, upon doing so He ripped my bra upward exposing my tits, and pushed me back down on the cold tailgate, and the hits….well they kept coming, and i was on the verge of cumming myself!

He began to spank my cunt with His hand, with the first slap He commented on my warmth and saturation, i couldn’t help it, He makes me wet! He then takes “CK” and begins fucking my cunt hard and fast, i was begging to cum, He told me i was not allowed to cum tonight, as i grunted and began to dispute, He smacked my ass so hard i saw black for a second, His voice was now right in my ear, He leaned into me, His cock on my stinging ass, He kept saying in my ear, “Do NOT cum” “Don’t you DARE CUM” “You have to fight the urge just as you have fought my orders” i began begging and pleading with Him. He raised¬†back up and began spanking me again, “Puppet, you will DO AS I SAY” “you will NOT cum until you see me again” “you should have been good puppet” “Daddy could be fucking your ass right now, but you have to wait” “when your good for Daddy then you get to cum for Daddy” my knees could barely hold me, He bent down and bit my ass, i was begging Him to “please just let me cum just this one time” but He was standing His ground.

Then He began taunting me, almost daring me to cum, He started rubbing my clit, fingering my cunt and my ass, then He bent down and bit my ass again, then He tried to shove me over the edge, He licked my asshole, all i could say was “OMG Daddy OMG” He raised up and smacked my ass again, i was begging, while grinding His hand, my clit was swollen, my cunt was dripping, He still refused to allow me to cum, He asked if i was still cold, when i told Him i was, He threatened to piss on my cunt, i let out a quivering moan, and He said “No that will just push you to orgasm”, He stepped back and admired my¬†stinging¬† bright ¬†red ass in the flickering lights of town, He ordered me to pull my pants up, and fix my bra and shirt, i was spent, i could barely stand, i had to balance on His chest to get my pants back up, i sat back on the tailgate to fix my bra and shirt, and began to speak, He said “You need to be sucking my cock not talking” i got up and bent down and placed His hard cock in my mouth, He fucked my mouth, with each gag He fucked harder, while telling me i wasn’t to touch my cunt. Then He held my mouth on His cock and said “your ass is MINE i can fuck, spank, lick, finger, or whatever I want to do to it!”¬† “We will see how well you listen when you don’t get to cum, and your spankings will be worse from here on out” He let me up, told me that He was eager to see how well HIS puppet acted this week. i thanked Him, and we both got in our cars and left.

He ordered me to take pictures of my ass and send to Him and to puppy, after He viewed the pictures i took, He said “Nice but will have to make it more red next time” than He sent “Next time, I will take a picture of my cock in your ass, and YOU WILL POST IT” yea well i am blushing already! my face is as red as my ass!

Thank you Daddy!

Whipped Into Shape

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Having my vanilla world dissipate, really got me to thinking about my image, my figure, ugh no wonder he didn’t want me…so i started thinking how i really need to start eating right and getting into shape. At work we started a weight loss pool, everyone puts in ten bucks and weighs, and at the end of the month the person that has lost the most weight gets the pool of cash. i am semi-competitve depends on what the competition is, exercising, screw it , if you want to walk 27 miles a day knock your self out, i will pass and gladly not win it, but if it were a cock sucking contest…put up or shut up, i will suck cock and eat you for lunch!

So, i have given up drinking Coca~cola, *tears up* and have been drinking at least 100 oz of water every day, so the other morning after drawing some blood work, i volunteered to walk it over to the lab, which the hospital is about a block away, but its an UPHILL block, so i grab all the vials of blood and headed that way. i text brooke …..” *wheezes* i…….sooo…..out….of….shape…..i…ca….cant…..catch….my……my….breath…..*wheezesNgasp4air*” she replied with “you working out?” i responded with”no i walked up a hill lol” then i sent “i really need to be ‘whipped’ into shape” so that seriously kicked my overactive mind in over drive, surprising i know because the lack of O2 i was taking in.

What if Daddy “whipped” me into shape? If i were rewarded for walking a certain distance on the treadmill or number of reps on the ab machine or the bowflex or my recumbent bike?¬†Or¬†disciplined for not meeting¬†His goal? ¬†Then of course my mind quickly shifted to fucking Daddy on said machines….

So i was just curious if any Masters or subs have ever done anything like this….or if my mind is full of total trick fuckery!

Bad little puppet….

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i text Daddy when i woke up, i was so aroused, Saturday night still rushed through my mind, i needed Daddy, i needed Him to fuck me, Daddy returned text to inform me He was working and wouldn’t be able to get away from it for a while, but He did give me permission to play….but play was to be with “CK” so i grabbed the monster, lubed it up and well, i do not fuck me as good as Daddy does. Daddy texted me that ¬†i needed to have a plug shoved in my ass immediately, i get up and get the plug, the new plug i bought has a vibrating unit it, so while trying to insert it, it began to vibrate, i came….i gushed! ¬†i failed to get the plug inserted…so i text Daddy and told Him of my over eagerness and how i failed to follow out His complete order.

Several hours pass, and Daddy texts me back….

Daddy: You are to put that plug in your ass and wear it for atleast 30 minutes, then we will discuss it’s removal

puppet: Daddy? Can i do it later i have to take child A to football practice, it won’t be over till 7pm

Daddy: I AM WAITING ON A PICTURE….go to practice with it in your ass!

puppet: Seriously Daddy?

Daddy: PUPPET!

puppet: Ur killing me Daddy!!!!

*shoves plug in my ass*

*dons panties out of fear it falling down my pant leg*

**note: i never wear panties but always buy sexy ones just incase i ever want to start**

* loads up children A and B, and heads off to practice*

Daddy: Puppet, you are to leave it in there until I get there and watch you to remove it

puppet: Daddy! i cant remove it up here…there are parents and kids everywhere…they all know us!

Daddy: DO IT

*okay i wont lie i am totally turned on right now*

Every bump in the road was a pleasure point, my kids began griping when i started swerving to hit the pot holes in the road! i get to practice and tell child A to have a great practice, and told him i was going to watch from the car today.

i began texting brooke telling her that i am in trouble, (i am pretty sure Daddy likes that brooke and i talk like we do, He knows how i feel her pain and excitement just as she does for me, so in turn He is flattered that His impact on me trickles to someone else too)

puppet: i am at fb practice with my new plug shoved in my ass….He says i have to wear it until He gets here UGH!

brooke: hahahahhahahahaha why does that crack me up?

puppet: cuz u think my crack attacks are worth cracking up over?

brooke: lmao

Daddy: Puppet it is in RIGHT?

puppet: Yes Sir! i promise

brooke: Oh God! i am going to pee from laughing at you!!!!

puppet: Dont make me laugh…OMG!!!

puppet: omg i am so giggly and totally fucking my ass right now just from it laughing!

brooke: That sounds like so much fun!

puppet: omg i just snorted…im gonna fk around and fart and be in big trouble!

Daddy: I’ll be up there in a few minutes

puppet: He will be here soon

brooke: Think disgusting thoughts….like Hilary Clinton naked outside in the winter

puppet: im dying lmao

brooke: what happens if you cum?

puppet: idk, but my cooter has convulsed on 4 different occassions…im gonna need a fkn mop when i do cum!

brooke; you better not cum…then CK will meet your ass…

puppet: omg! its been over an hour!

Daddy: you can take it out now

puppet: What??????? are you serious?????

Daddy: yes

puppet: well i am not taking it out up here, i will just wait till i get home!

Two hours and 23 minutes had passed while the plug was in my ass….it totally sucked…it totally rocked…im totally turned on….

But as the day starts….it will end…and i will still be a Bad little puppet….

Sorry Daddy =(

Cooter Killers debut….

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It’s been said that some people march to the beat of a different drum? Well, it has been said about me more than once…hell even twice, but today, the beat i marched to was of my heart pounding out of my chest….(i have a rather large chest so my heart was pounding super duper hard to pound out of it). Tonight was the night, “CK” (cooter killer) was to make its debut….

Daddy knows that my mind is delicate and fragile, and rarely thinks about sex, or fornication, or bondage, or painful pleasures, or sucking His cock, or riding His cock, or having His cock deep in my ass….He knows i never think about such things, He has to put those unmentionables into my brain, otherwise i would just think about puppies, and chocolate!¬† Okay scratch that…we all know thats a big fat lie (except chocolate…i heart chocolate)….Daddy knows my mind races, thoughts parade through there like a freak show on wheels, really fast wheels! So, He has mentally tortured me for a week, the thoughts of “CK”, the mind fucking my poor brain has lived through would make most blush! As for me it kept me turned on for a week. Now i am not saying i wanted my cooter murdered, but i wanted Him to take me and fuck me the way He wanted to, because there is nothing more enjoyable to me then being His fukpuppet!

He tells me to come over and bring the “CK” with me, ¬†since i am such a good little puppet, and always do as i am told¬†i go to Him with “CK” in tow, my mind raced all the way there, it wasn’t about the pain, it was about His pleasure, would He like the one i picked out? The “what ifs” totally kicked my ass all the way there…so i pulled into the drive, and finished my smoke…

i was so nervous, i was texting brooke like a nut, i was giggly and she was making it worse, my nerves was winning, my stomach was in knots….was it nerves…oh God it has to be nerves…lets just say i was sweating it for a minute! Being late for Daddy because i crapped my pants in His drive way would have been hard to explain! So i totally took charge of my body (or had hoped i had) and mustered up enough confidence to get out of the car….i was mentally telling my cooter that i loved her, but we were doing this for Daddy, and today was not the day to be selfish.

i was so happy to see Daddy, i was happy to suck His cock, i was happy to lick His balls, i was happy His hands were pulling my hair, i was happy He was shoving His cock down my throat till i gagged, i was one happy puppet! Then He tells me to get undressed and bend over the bed for Him….i was still a happy puppet, but puppet was scared! i was shaking, my knees were like jello, my breathing was erratic, my mind racing 100 mph….

He walked up behind me, He rubbed my ass ever so gently, then began to spank me hard, questioning my following His rules, (which i had been a good girl!), He spanked me harder and harder with each hit, then He began to rub my ass gently again, then He reached down and rubbed my clit, my knees were shaking so bad at this point it was difficult to keep my balance…the excitement was bursting though every inch of my skin. Then i feel it….¬†the “CK”, i tensed up and in doing so i lunged forward, Daddy guided me back on to it, i instantly began to moan and quiver, He continued to guide me further and further back, my moans went from “ohs to ows” but it didn’t slow Daddy down, He kept fucking my cunt harder and harder, with each attempt i made to move forward, His hand would sting my ass harder than the last, i was trying to be strong, i wanted to cum, it kept building and building, my knees were shaking, He was fucking me harder and harder.

¬†He allowed me to put my knees up on the bed, He leaned down and bit my ass, it immediately had me begging to cum, i came hard, and collapsed on the bed in a shaking mess, so He took¬† “CK” out of my cunt and pressed it up to my asshole, again i was begging, begging Him not to, but arched my back anyway, i was there to please Daddy, He told me He knew i wanted it,¬†but ¬†He put “CK” away and laid behind me, stroking His cock with one hand and stroking my back with the other, He allowed me to lay there to calm for a few minutes, then ordered me to suck His cock, He fucked my mouth, just as He had my cunt with “CK”, then He pulled my hair, forcing my head back away from His cock, while He shot His hot cum all over my face….

It was a great night….now i am not saying “it” killed my cooter….but she will be walking with a limp for a day or two!