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Missing Daddy…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 18, 2009 by fukpuppet

Kneeling naked before Him, He orders my hands up over my head, He takes a  rope, that has been laid on the floor before me and binds my wrists. He takes another piece and binds my ankles, then He takes the remaining piece and with my elbows bent and hands now nestled against the back of my neck,  He loops through the knots tied at my ankles and attaches to the knots tied around my wrists….

i love the way He fondles my nipples, His kiss, His caress, His tweak, His lick, His suckle, His bite, His fingers pinching them soft then hard, my nipples stiffen with the first touch of His lips against them, my quiet moans begin to find His ears, my loss of breath, and as He watches me lick my lips, only proves to Him  i am enjoying my punishment way to much.

He places a silk scarf around my head to form a blind fold, oxygen quickly leaves my lungs, my erratic breaths are with quick moans with each exhale  that disappear with each gasp for air, He leaves me there wanting more…

i hear His footsteps returning to the room, my stomach flickering with butterflies, my mind racing, my heart pounding, my lungs are useless, my cunt is slippery between my legs, my nipples aching, then i feel the bitter cold touch from the ice that He uses to slowly trace my nipples. The words “Daddy please” escape my lips, He says “Not yet puppet” but the hum in His words proves to me that His saying no was hard to do. i know i am there for punishment, but for the life of me i do not recall the reason, that caused His disappointment in me….

my tits are soaked from the melted ice that He has tortured my nipples with, He then takes a crop and begins to slap quick and hard as the leather flap bites the flesh of my tits, my legs shaking as  i try to stay in the kneeling position for Him, each bite sends the weight of my body from one knee to the other, the harder i try to lean away from the next kiss of the crop, the more unbalanced i become, His rope skills were alot better then i anticipated…

Daddy has been ill the last few days, and well thoughts like this flood my mind….i miss you Daddy….




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All i ever desire is to please Him, to the point it truly takes over my mind, my body, and my soul. The desire could be desribed as a craving, a hunger, or just an overwhelming need to please Him. i worry constantly about whether or not i am pleasing Him, do i step up to the plate to take what He wants to give me? Do i leave Him completely satisfied with His fukpuppet? Is there something i can do better? Do i make Him feel crowded when i admit my needing Him? Which i will admit i tell Him often that i want to cum for Him. It truly takes over me and baffles me how a simple text, touch, instant message, email, whisper, or look can change my outlook on the entire day, if Daddy isn’t happy, i am not, but when Daddy is pleased, it’s a high i have never experienced before. i have never been a drug user, but if the high they feel is in comparison to my Daddy telling me He is pleased with “His little puppet” then i truly understand their addiction.

So feel free to call me a Daddyhead, because i am! i am not ashamed to  stand and say “Hi, my name is puppet and i am addicted to my Daddy, to His touch, to His cock rammed in to any orfice He wants, when He wants and to the sting my naughty ass feels when i have disobeyed Him” but not because i want a twelve step program ….i just want Daddy to be pleased. Okay now that being explained…let’s talk about this weekend…..

Most of you have found my page from reading puppytales, so you are well aware that puppy and i are both subbies, and are cousins as well. We have wanted to do this since i came out of the subbie closet in early September, and we finally got to, i was so excited about her visit, as was my Daddy, He approached her Master about allowing puppy to be present for a session, which i won’t lie, i was nervous, would He make me get naked in front of her? she is family, yes, she has seen me nude before, but not since i was like 13, i have had two kids, and i am addicted to chocolate, and not to metion the hail storm that attacked my ass….Oh My Gravy, i was eager to tell Daddy my fears, that He understood to be compaining. Which maybe i was, but i was scared, and sent Him a text saying just that a few times a day. i understand humiliation, and well i always believed that pain was my button pusher, but i can honestly say that i am still high this morning from the humilation i suffered experienced last night, it was totally mind blowing! Actually i wonder if Daddy knew what a “Daddy induced” high He would now have me addicted to….

i will not write about what puppy had to do to please her Master, because that is her story to tell, and well she is such an awesome story teller, there is no way i could do them justice. Those two are amazing! Well hell you know that because you have read the vivid, hot, and super steamy stories….but here is my rendition of the weekend….

Saturday morning we discussed going to lunch at a local cafe, one that Daddy frequents, i text Daddy asking Him to meet, i thought i would be less nervous if they had a chance to meet prior to our session, He agreed, so we get ready and go. We got there a few minutes before Daddy did, once He showed up and we made eye contact my heart started pounding out of my chest, my nipples were aching, and rock hard, could of been because the a/c was set on 64 degrees or because He just has that effect on me. He comes over and sits next to puppy and across from me, i introduce them and Daddy winks at me, my heart begans to settle, it amazes me how He can wind me up and settle me down in a split second. i often wonder if He knows how much of  me truly belongs to Him… all of me, i know He demands this ownership, but have i proved that He does own me? Anyway, we sit and chat, it’s very lighthearted, which calms me more and more, then we start talking about puppy and her Master, and an order He had given her that morning that i declined to do, maybe it is because this D/s thing is so new to me, but when it got puppy into more trouble i felt like crap, well anyway it came up in our conversation, and Daddy looked at me, and i knew He wasn’t happy with my saying “no”, i didn’t want puppy punished for my being nervous and scared, it wasn’t fair to her, she  has always helped me with understanding my feelings and thoughts etc…so who was i to make things worse for her?

After lunch, we do some catching up and i help puppy with the order her Master had given her,then we get ready to go out, and i begin drinking, because i needed some liquid confidence to be able to face the session Daddy had planned, i blew His phone up, telling Him i was scared, and asking what He was going to do to me, He grew tired of it, and text me to “SHHH”, now i did not get drunk but i did feel some relief from the tense inner  choas i had felt all day. At around 10:30 He text me to “start getting ready” well i had prepared my ass for Him, my cooter was not only bare,  it was soaking wet too. So i was ready for Him, my nerves were a constant struggle to calm….

Due to the crappy phone reception i was 4 minutes late, but by the time i recieved the text i truly thought we were on time, Daddy wasn’t happy with my inability to be punctual. puppy and i did try hard to not be late. Honest!

So, we get there, i go immediatly to Him, and take His cock in my mouth to devour, granted it had only been two days since i felt His throbbing cock and taste His delicious seed, but i was starving for it. He shoved His cock deep in my throat, i was fighting the urge to spew my drinks of vodka sours all over Him, as He asked me where puppy was, i said “she is here too Daddy” but His cock still in my throat made my words incoherent. He states loudly ” I think we are missing someone!” i run my hands up His sides and steady myself as He allows me to breathe, He shoves my face back down on His cock and continues to fuck my face, i was so aroused, but all i could think is ‘OMG puppy is here, what will He do to me next?’. After several minutes of taking His cock orally, He orders me to remove my pants, i stand before Him forever for a few moments then He gets up and stands behind me, He placed His hand on my back guiding me to bend over for Him, i can feel the cool air on my now over exposed ass and pussy, my breathing becomes erratic, my nerves were getting the best of me, then Daddy leaned down and whispered in my ear “puppet, you don’t have to do this if you are not okay with it. I need to know whether or not you want to do this before I will go any further” i turned and whispered back to Him “It’s okay Daddy, i want to do this for You”….