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Where i belong….

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Master~baiting is very challenging, i feel like i have answered a million questions about myself, and have asked just as many from others, trying to find their core, what makes them tick. i have discovered that 11/10 Masters want a gal with a shaved cooter, but do not care about her ability to do simple math. (the fraction was a joke people) i have given my blog addy out to a few when they ask another popular question (ranks up there with “is your cunt shaved?”) “what are your fantasies little one?”, some have taken my ‘Master~baiting’ blog a bit to serious, it was NOT meant literal, i was only teasing. One told me it was not attractive to brag about what a slut i am, that the Dom should do that, not the girl.

¬†(excuse me while i sigh…:::sighs::::)

Okay i am back to the topic “Where i belong….”

Today a very friendly/horny/can’t wait to hear me cum for Him/Dom asked me a simple question, and He said my answer would tell Him what he needed to know about me….(this is where my stomach tightens up and i feel like i may get a bad case of diarrhea…not sure why this made me so damn nervous, but it did….) “Tell me, what was your very first experience with sucking cock?” He wants to know about the first time i tasted cock? What in the world is that going to say about me? Well folks, you know when you have one of those moments, a shockingly quick moment, i could almost hear a swooshing sound as my subbi head came shooting out of my subbi ass, where apparently it has been hidden since i was 14, i told Him 15, but actually it was like two months before my 15th birthday.

When i was a freshman, i had to transfer to a new school because i lived just south of BFE (which is where i reside now if you plan on stalking me ūüėČ ) and i had this best friend, she was a year older then me, she was the youngest, her parents basically adopted me, i was at her house more then at my own, she has an older sister and a brother as well. Her sister was out of college her brother was still in college. He was a jock, a big studly football player, he was about two inches taller then me, but was one big thick slab of man meat, he had no hair on his chest, and had some killer green eyes, and could fill up a pair of Wranglers better then anyone i have ever laid my eyes on. He always picked on me, which was fine, he picked on everyone, all the high school girls flocked to him when he was home to watch a football game or whatever. He had a very serious girl friend that he met at college, she was tall thin and thought her shit didn’t stink, and well everyone hated her because she was His. During Thanksgiving break he had knee surgery, and since he had a waterbed, he had to sleep on the couch for a few weeks, i fell asleep next to the couch on this huge bean bag, and sometime in the night i awoke to his leg (not the bummed one) next to me on the bean bag, i just out of the blue, rubbed up his leg, then began to climb up his leg, he pulled his boxers down in the front and there was a thick cock laying up against his stomach, i began kissing his thigh and before i knew it i had his cock in my mouth, milking it for all it was worth, i felt his cock pulsate in my mouth which scared me, i took my mouth off of him and look up at him, he closed his eyes as his seed slammed against my cheek and neck, i was shocked, i had never been that close to a cock, i was still a virgin, much less had any great idea that it was going to hose my face down with hot lava. He reached down tucked a long strand of hair out of my face and smiled, i got up went to the bathroom and washed my face.

This went on until i graduated high school, we never spoke about it, some nights when i was there he would wake me up, the rest of the time, i drifted into his room, every time began and ended the same, never a word spoken. I do not think in those four years, he was home from college that i wasn’t there too. He gave me attention in public, always acknowledged me as the little sister his family adopted but he never wanted. Every now and then he would give me a look, and i knew what he wanted, and i gladly did it. Out of that four years, do you know how many times we discussed my sucking his cock?

Absolutely, ZERO…

As i finished up telling my story on the phone today i was like “OMG, that is so subby” He said…”That is why i asked that question, you can tell alot about a girl once you know how she sucked her first cock”

I truly felt good about myself, so i am not going crazy (because i feel like i have and i don’t know who i am anymore) apparently i have been here a long long time folks….





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i have¬†confession, i am a Masterbaiter….

i have been trolling the suggested sites (suggested by my readers or puppy’s readers…thank so much everyone!) i am now a member of FetLife, and of CollarMe…now i did find a few potential owners from my blog. But alas nothing happened with either one, the first was witty, which i do love me a smartass, the second a more dominant Dom, the first i instantly clicked with, the second it took a few days for us to really get to talking part of which was my fault i am sure. Anyways so i ventured away from my lil blog, first joining FetLife, which is a very cool site, but i wasn’t able to mingle very well there…then last week i joined CollarMe, which i was forwarned of the players and such…but i have seriously had the best time on their site. The mingling for one is easier, they have chat rooms….and well sometimes i am witty, and sometimes i get in theese moods where i want to fuck with people…i guess my suggesting readers should of warned CollarMe about me *evil laugh*.

Now seriously, if you had me bent over shoving something up my ass besides sunshine, i would bend over and take it like the slut you demand me to be….but random private messages that just say …slut…and nothing else ummmm well it doesn’t do anything for this lil fukpuppet…OH! fukpuppet seems to be a magnetic screenname, because i have gotten tons of pms (not PMS pms=private messages but still makes me giggle when people type it lol). Out of those “tons” of pms i have gotten,there are ¬†few people that have been super friendly and not just perverse, and again i do love me some perversion, but seriously we all know why people sign up for that site in general,right? There is still way more to me then just my sexual hunger.

Anyways….i have met a few people that i really enjoy talking to and even look for them to continue our conversations, but they always seem to be married. i do feel guilt after ending our conversations, inspite of the conversations¬†aren’t sexual, but yet i still feel guilt after the fact, but not during…. Is it because married men are more mature? They are married (even if its a vanilla relationship) so they do not seem so desperate? Or am i just a married man magnet? It is not like i am waving a flag saying “hey come over here all you marry men!” (i know it should be merry). So what happens if the slut in me can’t say no if the conversation online turns into a phone call or a meeting? What then? i know i do not know what tomorrow brings…. i just know that the slut in me likes hopping in her “sub”marine and trolling the twisted sea for a Master….Master~baiting for all to see….yes, i am bad and should be punished….but one day at a time folks…gotta find someone to punish me first…lol

The ties that bind….

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The more i¬†fought the urge to squirm, it seemed the more i¬†did just that…. my wrists were bound to the head-board¬†with black rope, it was beginning to burn with each wiggle, i¬†love my Master, so why did i¬†feel the need to¬†squirm¬†against this? Was it that i¬†craved the sting? Did i¬†need reminding that i was His no matter what?

i¬†knew i¬†was safe, i¬†knew He was the one person that i¬†can trust my life with, yet still i¬†wiggled against the ropes… “puppet, you keep that up will have some pretty good marks to explain” there was a hidden chuckle as He spoke to me. He enjoyed the occasional¬†look on my face as the rope cut into my skin…He spoke again to say He was going to shower, and was a tad bit evil when He grinned and suggested i¬†not go anywhere…So i¬†asked “What if i¬†need to pee?” He replied “Well, I suggest you hold it, but if you are unable, then I suppose I would have to rub your nose in it just like training a new pup. you need to be trained.” i¬†just laid there trying to fight the butterflies He woke in my stomach, i¬†love how alive He makes me feel, i¬†am grateful that i¬†am the one that gets to serve Him. my cunt began to beg for my touch, His touch, but the rope refused me that right, just as He intended…i laid wondering if He knew what He was doing to me…He did.

He returned from the shower, my cunt was wet, His property was starved, i needed His touch, my hips grinded the nothing against it, who knew nothing could feel that good!

He took a lit candle from the nightstand, tilted it until i¬†moaned from the hot wax splashing against my skin, covering one nipple at a time, i¬†was struggling against the ropes, struggling for another breath, but not struggling against Him, my hips continued to grind the nothing He left against them. He began to ask “Who do you serve?” “Who do you long to please” my words flowed out in an incoherent whisper “You Sir”..”Good girl” He said as He reached down in-between¬†my legs, “That is awful warm, I should probably cool it off a bit.” i¬†whimpered because i¬†knew what was coming next. He dripped more hot wax over my aching hard nipples and left me there. i made several attempts to catch my breath and try to control my breathing as a way to calm myself, but i was unsuccessful in my lame attempt, i was entirely too turned on to calm myself. He returned with the glass dildo He made me place in the freezer prior to His arrival, my breathing was quick and shallow, which only seemed to fuel His fire. He picked up the candle and dripped more wax over my nipples, i bit my bottom lip and moaned with pleasure, then the touch of the frigid dildo against my clit caused me to flinch, the ropes cut into my skin again, i began to pant “please, please, please oh God please”. He began to run the cold rod in and out of my pussy, as my nipples felt the heat of the tilted candle He held just inches away.

my hips girated with the rythum of the dildo fucking me, i was in Heaven, staring up at the most amazing Master….. Whom was ¬†wearing a devilish grin.