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Wild Flowers…

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By now, you all are well aware of the relationship puppy and i share. Cousins that love each other like sisters, we have no secrets, no judgments, no prejudices. Our desires aren’t discriminated by the other. For instance, if she wanted to do the most sick. twisted. perverse, unspeakable thing ever, i would go with her, offer to take pictures, or hold her hand while she fulfills her desire.  i was going to give an example of such sick twisted weirdness, but nothing comes to mind that is so sick and twisted to me. 🙂

we text each other quite a bit. Now that my work schedule has changed, we do not text as often as we are used to. i like to surprise her with my little made up names, she does the same, it is an instant smile for me, whether hearing my new name or thinking up and texting her the one that popped in my head. Like today, puppy is the most beautiful sex craved puppy that humps the legs off everything, even the coffee tables aren’t safe with her around. Just last Sunday morning she was hot bucket of cunt juice, and i wished her a day of her bucket running over.  So you get the point, i love me some of that lusty, busty, scrumptdillyumpticious trollop.

You know i could sit here and tell you all the reasons why i love her, adore her, trust her, laugh with her, fantasize with her….*makes the screeching needle on the record sound* Fantasize with her? *hears all the shocked whispers and nervous giggling* Yes! we tend to fantasize, she inspires some of my writing, she has awaken desires in me that i never knew existed. Okay, you all know puppy, i am not telling anything new here, you know her, you love her, and all of us have rubbed one out to a story she has written (or 49 different stories *shrugs*)

Saturday while texting, she was asking about the “puppet’s next Top Dom Master” or “Dr Seuss guide to Being a Slut in a Rut who likes things stuck in her Butt” and in turn i was checking on her, on Sir W, and we discussed her recent post, i told her the first line was hot, she agreed, and i replied with “wow we have the same kinks…how weirdo” and that broke the dam…and the out pour of twisted thoughts began….

**********Sir W, will You please cover Your eyes for a moment….i will nudge You when it is safe to continue reading…i promise*********


****waits another minute because i think He is peeking****

 The discussion began to entertain our thoughts of being sister slaves…how much fun we would have, prepping each other for our Master, bathing each other, shaving each other, giggling together… Giggling, this will keep  us in trouble, but we can not help it… we just giggle.  Punishment for such “silliness” ? Having to be  side by side while being spanked, holding hands while we endured the sting of His wrath, having to kneel facing each other while sharing the same pair of nipple clamps, a taunt chain between us. As you may know, puppy enjoys humiliation, and the puppet prefers pain, so between the two of us, we could serve a Master and fulfill all His desires, effortlessly.  Oh, theres the incest thing….which isn’t something either of want to participate in.

Besides it would never work…that puppy she is a tattle tail *im giggling right now*…so yea we share bad twisted thoughts….bad bad bad twisted thoughts….



****nudges Sir W, You can open Your eyes now****


Hiya Sir W! *this is where i am waving to you like a confused crack head during the homecoming parade* 

 You have the most incredible hot mess of a cock sucking, cum guzzling, libido induced tramp that i know….:) How awesome is that???

How awesome to be so close to such a beautiful creature. To the vanilla world, those who long to be slutty and whore-like are just meer weeds growing out in the wild. For the one who desires such darkness, truly shine the brightest in my book. So, in the sea of us weeds, my puppy is the brighest one growing, coloring the backdrop so elegantly. her color is the most unique of all…..

this is my puppy and i love her head to toes thru her heart and her soul….

see how beautiful she is in the sea of weeds to those vanilla?










The Agreement…

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Plans made, nerves shot, mind racing, and the cunt juices flowing from a stubbly pussy. He had informed her of the expectations, their first meeting, a simple dinner and then a nightcap to discuss the possibility of Him owning her. Expectations, wear a skirt, no panties (He requests nothing is ever between Him and His cunt), a low-cut blouse, and she was not to shave her pussy until given permission to. He was very assertive, He gave her the “list” 10 days before they were to meet. Yes, He knew this would be a total mind fuck.

She showed up at the requested time, their eyes met, both their eyes eager and full of anticipation of what was to come. They hugged tightly, holding on a few seconds longer than normal first embrace. He complimented her, and she Him, they were seated and talked about everything under the sun. Their laughter and conversation flowed just like the wine. She began to feel those old familiar butterflies attack her stomach when He asked her “Shall we go now?” She blushed as she agreed. They went back to His place, she was so nervous, but He was so nice and calming, it was terribly easy to get lost in Him. The random thoughts and wonders flooded her mind, a sea of “what ifs”. He broke her concentration when He spoke….

He ordered her to disrobe for Him. She blushed, and hesitated. Again, He ordered that she remove her clothing, and went on to say He wants to see every inch of the one that desires Him to own, and reassured her, no sexual activity would happen this meeting. His voice remained calm as she unbuttoned her blouse, then removing her bra. She hesitated again, not wanting to drop her skirt, she was embarrassed, her cheeks were showing more than the wine stain. Her face was full of heat, her sweating palms reaching around the back of her skirt to unbutton it. She slid it down over her thigh high stockings, He smiled and told her the stockings were to be removed also. She removed the left one, and started on the right one, when He stood and walked a full circle around her. She felt nausea replacing the butterflies, she was now beyond nervousness, beyond excited, beyond her control of the situation. This vulnerability consumed all of her, but she found great comfort in His presence.

As she stood still for Him, He walked around her several times, she nervously kept her eyes down, almost afraid to look into the eyes that she felt burning holes into her skin. He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, there was towel laid out on the bed. “Lay back on the towel with your bottom at the beds edge”. Her breathing was taking more effort with every  inhale, but she sat down and laid back for Him. She felt the coolness of the shaving cream He pillowed on her pussy, she closed her eyes tightly, not believing what was about to happen. He gently smoothed the mound of cream all over the cunt before Him. He moaned softly as He found the slick center and the attentive clit. She inhaled deeply and began to shake as her eyes remained sealed. The fears and what ifs entered her mind once more, again He stole her attention as the razor made soft deliberate strokes removing every single stubble. She wondered what He was thinking, why He wasn’t talking, and then she determined this was the most exposed she had ever been. She managed to keep her eyes closed and breathe the entire time, His soft moan found her ears as he wiped away the excess shaving cream, and inspected the cunt.

He ordered her to stand, she opened her eyes and sat up slowly, her eyes found His, it melted her. He took her hand and helped her to find ground. He told her to turn around and climb up on the towel on all fours. She wanted to run away for a split second, but her eyes refused to leave His gaze. He humored her trance for a moment, then placed His hands on her shoulders guiding her to turn around. She climbed up on the bed, her knees at the edge with her feet together, He place His knee between them causing her to move her knees apart. She gasped when she felt the warm enema tip kiss her asshole, before she could get used to the thought,  the enema tip had already trespassed her sphincter. The flow of warm sudsy water was a pleasing sensation.  He would stop the flow at random, allowing her to get accustomed to the volume and the heat until His desired amount was taken. He traced her spine with His fingertips as she anxiously awaited the allowance to empty.  The warm pleasing feeling, was not longer pleasing, it was quickly turning to torture. He stood still tracing her back and  enjoyed watching her squirm for Him. He finally excused her to allow her to empty the fullness. She thanked Him and quickly found the bathroom.

Several moments later, He knocked on the door, she answered “Yes Sir?”. He requested to enter, she asked if she could finish cleaning her self off, He said “No, I am coming in now”.  He stood and watched her blush while she sat on the toilet, she kept wondering why all this was happening, when clearly they had discussed nothing sexual, only meeting and discussing her being owned. He ordered her to walk to the sink, she did as he requested, partly due to fear, partly due to her wanting to please Him, and partly because it was better them He watching her sit on the toilet.

He placed toothpaste on a toothbrush and ordered her to open her mouth for Him, He gently thoroughly brushed her teeth, and her tongue. He gave her mouth wash and told her to rinse really well for Him. He left her at the sink and went and ran a warm bath, ordered her in it. She rinsed her mouth and patted it dry, then walked over and got in the tub as the water slowly filled it. He washed every part of her body, removing the make up from her face, then washed her hair. She was in heaven, His hands caressed her entire body, not a single spot missed. Once He finished He drained the tub, and assisted her out of it. He gently towel dried her, her cunt juice was trickling down her leg, He told her how much He enjoyed drying that spot once more.

Their eyes locked into one another, she was content, she was hungry, she wanted Him, all of Him. He ordered her to bed over the vanity, as she did this His lubed fingertip found her ass, He gently massaged her asshole before sticking just the tip of the lubed up finger inside. He washed His hands and led her back into the bedroom, He then ordered her on to her knees to kneel for Him. She was very happy to oblige Him.

Kneeling before Him, she smiled, she was home, she was at her destination, the one place she has hungered to be. Her thoughts were interrupted when she watched Him unzip His pants and release His swollen engorged cock. She was ecstatic, finally she was going to get to feel Him, to taste Him, and to smell His flesh. He placed His left hand behind her wet head and took and handful of the wet mess and gripped it tightly. She whimpered softly. He took His cock in His right hand and rubbed the warm pink tip to her soft pink lips, tracing it like He was applying lip balm, she parted her lips and attempted to taste it with her tongue, He pulled her head away. “There will be no sexual acts, we discussed it and both agreed it would be best.” She whimpered again. He told her to open her mouth for Him, but she was only going to allow His cock to dock in her mouth, she was not to suck or move her mouth on Him at all. She told Him “Yes Sir” with a very shaky and desperate voice.

She opened her mouth up for Him as He placed His cock inside the warm opening. He told her, His property is to be cleaned and ready for His use at all times, the state she was in at this very moment was the way she will be while under His ownership. Every orifice is to be eager to please, serve and available at all times. There would never be an encounter when a single stubble was to be found on His cunt, His ass was to be cleaned and well lubricated, His mouth was to be clean and open while she kneeled, for Him to dock His cock while discussions such as this could occur. He pulled His cock from her still and salivating mouth, ordered her to dress herself and leave. She dressed herself and thanked Him for the evening, He walked her to the door and said “Now that we have kept up our end of the bargain by not having any intercourse, you are to return to Me early morning, you need to be here at My bedside, on your knees, you are to wake Me with your cock worship, and over breakfast, I will inform you of your rules”.  He leaned down and kissed her cheek softly, breathing in the scent of cherry blossom that lingered on her skin from His bathing her.

A soft whisper met her eat claiming “I am going to be very  proud to have you as my little fukpuppet”.

The cunt juice flowed once more.

Anal Innocence Lost…..

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i have really been doing some soul-searching, trying to untangle my mind, and trying to make sense of my submission. Everyday i am less inclined to push against the submissive feelings and thoughts that i have. Granted, although while ignorant to a lot, i do have enough sense to know that i will not know nor understand everything about it, but i am feeding my hunger to learn and understand more. i could ramble about this forever, but seriously who cares right? 😉

* endless rambling and babbling interrupted for your regular scheduled programming*

“When Cocks Attack… in the End of Innocence”

i was out of high school before i learned to masturbate. (waits while you pick your jaw off the ground) and to answer that burning question, i have mastered it! 😉 So, my first long-term relationship taught me a lot. masturbating for one, he would stand over the bed and make me do it while he watched. i spent a lot of time doing this for him, he would comment on the blush of my cheeks, while standing there stroking his cock.  i think he enjoyed my humiliation, as much as i did. i am not sure why i never told him how much i liked it, funny how looking back it is like he was training me. Of course he was a very sexual person, hell he slept with everyone in nine counties surrounding us.

He often told me he was going to fuck me in the ass, i would protest and blush. i will admit i wondered how it would feel, would it hurt, if so how bad would it be, would it be gross, would i like it, does it feel different then my cunt, (honestly i did not think cunt, i am sure back then i thought vagina, blah @ vagina), what if this, what if that. He never really tried to do anything back there while we were fucking, but in random conversation he would say “One of these days I am going to stick it in your little butt”. He called his cock “it”, which “it” was a massive cock, he was very endowed, i think he felt it was a gift, and gifted many woman with it. Such a kind man to give himself to others like that.

One night while staying with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, we laid spooning on a fold out couch. He was really tall, 6’8″, so spooning with him was warm and safe feeling, he would often rest his chin on the top of my head. It was a comfort that i missed greatly after we ended our relationship. That cold night, we laid together, he pulled his arm from around my waist and pulled my boxers down on one side, and began to rub over my stomach and up my shirt, he fondled my breasts and pinch and twisted my nipples. He slightly moaned as i arched my back allowing my ass to press against his thickening cock. He whispered “Do you want to?” i moaned, again he said “Baby, do you want to?” i just kept moaning, i mean he was pinching my nipples, every twist caused me to arch my back a little more than the previous pinch, i was enjoying him.  i whispered back that we really shouldn’t have sex here, he interrupted me and said “Tonight, is the night I am going to fuck you in the ass. you are going to have to be real still, you are going to relax, and at first you will want to push it back out, but  you trust me, trust that i am not going to hurt you on purpose. I am not saying it will not hurt some , but if you will just relax when you feel that pain, you will enjoy it” His breath molested my neck and ears as he was whispering the events that were going to take place. i whispered back “i am scared, what if i can’t relax and it just hurts and if we make noise we will wake people up”. He said again “you have to trust me, but there will be no stopping, I am going to fuck your ass tonight, and I am merely telling you how to enjoy it, because if you resist it will be the worst pain you have ever imagined, and I do not want to place a pillow over your face but I will, or I can let you cry out in pain and wake your family. What will they think if they come in here and see you getting a dick in your ass?”.

Tears began to fall down my face, the fear consumed me, the unkowning but knowing i was going to be in pain, he had me considering the consequences of getting caught, everything running in my mind had me an emotional wreck. He began talking to me again, telling me how much i was going to enjoy it,  and how much he was going to enjoy it, i started to calm as his words trickled into my ears. He continued to fondle me, he told me to raise my hip off the bed, as i complied he tugged the other half of my boxers down. He commented on my wetness, as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pushed my left hip back towards him, then in one swift movement he ran his hand down my right thigh and grabbed behind my knee pulling it up in front of me. He took the head of his cock and teased my cunt with it, i was hoping the heat radiating off of it would want him to fuck it instead. My plan failed, instead he was just there to collect the cunt juice that trickled out of me.

He placed the head of his cock against my asshole, and began to press gently but firmly against it, all the while whispering for me to just relax. i tried to catch my breath, and i felt it, a painful yet not intolerable pain, just some pain, i told him, “please, that is hurting.”  He placed his hand on my right hip pushing it forward while the weight of his cock stayed at the same pressure, something happened. i took a really deep breath, and started quivering “i can’t relax you are going to have to take it out” . H e never let up pressure, but kept reiterating that i relax and it would feel good, that was just the head inside, once i relaxed it would all go in and once he gets done, i will beg him for more of it.

He stroked my thigh for a few moments, then while pulling my right hip towards him, he pressed his cock inside me, slowly but constant, the air crept out of my lungs, while my threshold  for pain became extinct . i reached down and laid my hand over my cunt, the juices flowing as he pushed and pulled my hip as  his cock stroked in and out of my ass. i was feeling so many things, it wasn’t long before i had a pillow that i placed over my own face to hide my moans of pleasure. He kept telling me how good i did as i orgasmed and flooded him with cunt juice.

i have enjoyed anal ever since. i think his dialogue also opened up my craving of  being talked to as i am  pleasing someone. i enjoy the reassurance possibly as much as i enjoy the dominance.

Just a Dash of Vanilla….

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When you are single, people tend to worry about one’s happiness. i have some really great friends, they care about my mindset, my health, and my over all happiness. They fear i am lonely, which i will admit, i do get lonely, but i do not feel like i am all alone. Partly because i have friends just like that in my life. i have puppy who understands me, my desires, needs etc…and i also have a really close friend that understands me. So i do not get much flack from them about my not being out in the dating scene. Then there are those co-workers and other friends that think is such a sad life to be lived without a counter-part to live life with you. These friends to me are dependant, they depend on their mate for everything, they measure status, happiness, wealth by the person they are with. i on the other hand am a very independent submissive woman. i feel there is a difference in the two, others may not. So feel free to have an opinion about my opinion..okay? 🙂

A co-worker, has been asking me to allow her to set me up with a friend of hers for some months now. i decided to give in, i would love some face to face conversation, some adult interaction. i get plenty of stimulating conversation via my blog, chat rooms etc…and i am still young i think, i should want to get out and feel the sun shining on my face, but instead i fantasize about being kept in a dungeon. So, this has potential to lead to some very awkward moments if i do not keep my subbi-butt in check tonight.

So how does one do that? should i wear a rubber band around my wrist and pop it when i have a subbi-thought? The masochist in me would be popping it all night long, he will assume i have terets or some other illness that makes me pop, squirm, moan, and get all squishy…of course he wont see the squishiness, but i will know it’s there and the subbi-thoughts will continue to metastasize to other parts of my body….i fear an awkward night for me.

Since i am a girl who needs structure…here are somethings i am limiting myself too.

*do not ask him if i can go pee…but will excuse myself if i need to

*do not return from peeing and hand him the panties i wore there….this will be easy since i do not own a pair.

*do not tell him that i am wearing a butt plug that matches the color of his eyes…

*do not offer to show it to him either…

*do not follow my thanking him for the evening by asking to cock worship….

*do not ask to sit at his feet and lay my head in his lap…

*do not ask him if he brought a leash with him…or offer him the one i keep in my glove box

*do not kneel when introduced

* do not answer ” i shaved my cunt for you Sir” when he asked what i did today

* do not answer ” i like getting tied up and having things shoved in my butt” when he asks what i do for fun

* do not answer ” Sir, i would like a spanking” when he asks if i would like something

*do not answer “to please you, Sir” if he asks what i want to do now…

Now i am sitting just assuming he is vanilla, what if he isn’t, so i need to on my toes and watch for things like….

*if while being introduced he says his name is “Master or Sir”

*if while shaking my hand asks me why i am dressed and standing instead of naked and kneeling

*if he pulls out a leash and looks confused as to my not wearing a collar

*if he offers me a seat, then as i sit on the couch he looks at me oddly and says “oh i assumed you would sit on the floor”

*if i notice him walking with his hand on the small of my back steering me where he wants me to go

*if he runs into some friends and introduces me as “His pet, cum slut, cock whore, anal princess etc…”

*if he runs into a friends and offers him a blowjob from me

*if i excuse my self to the little girls room, and he orders me to ask for permission to pee

*if returning from the little girls room, he asks where my panties are

*if he offers me a drink, and serves it to me from a dog bowl


Okay, so you see the mental fucking i have had all week leading up to tonight? i am seriously just ready to get this over with…

 ***editors note: special thank you to puppy and to Mr. Strider, they helped me write this madness***



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It started with a simple email…..”you will be receiving a care package, you are to inform me of it’s arrival….DO NOT OPEN IT!”……
Three days later it arrived, a small package wrapped in brown paper, addressed to a very anxious slut, she craved the allowance to serve Him, she hungered for His touch, His words fed her imagination, His voice captivated her submission,  she longed to consume His cock….She emailed Him of the arrival of the mystery box, so she was left to wait….while waiting she wondered of its contents, she thought back on recent conversations, but no single memory gave her any clue as to what it could be….she waited more…..

Finally a response,  His email was short but none to sweet “you are to take a bath, while bathing i want the unopened package to remain that way, but is to be in your sight the rest of the evening, I will call you at 10:00, have the package in front of you, be on your knees, you will be naked and your nipple clamps will be donned….”
she had 5 hours to stare at the package, her mind raced, she was dying with every glance at the package….somehow she made it to 10….her stomach full of butterflies, her palms sweaty, her nipples hardened as the clamps clenched them tightly….the phone rings….
she tells Him hello, but her voice is meek, He could tell she was nervous, and in the back of His mind He knew the anticipation was torture for her….

“Did you open the package?”
“No Sir”
“Would you like to?”
“Yes Sir”
“How are your nipples”
“Tender Sir”
“Good, did you enjoy your hot bath?”
“Yes Sir”
“Have you figured out  the contents?”
“No Sir”
“Touch your pussy for me and tell me if it is wet”
“It is very wet, Sir”
“Pull the chain on your nipple clamps and hold the it there”
“Yes Sir”
“Did you prepare your ass for me?”
“Yes Sir”
“Are you still pulling on the chains?”
“Yes Sir”
“Good, I want you to continue to pull on your nipple clamps for  five minutes.”
“Yes Sir”
“Then you must insert the butt plug of your choice and lie down and
await my call”
 As the phone clicked from His disconnection, she looked at the clock, her face now flush from the rush He has given her, and partly the discomfort she was proudly enduring for Him……
The package taunted her, her imagination was being forcefully tugged as the chain in her hand….all she could wonder was….what could it be. The minutes actually flew by, her heart pounded, and her mind raced as fast as the circulation back into her aching nipples. She opened up her toy bag and pulled out a butt plug, it was the largest she owned, she longed to make Him proud….she applied the
lube, bent over the side of her bed, and wished He was there to insert it, her exposed pussy clenched at that thought….her asshole constricted at the sensation of lubed cold tip against it, she took a
deep breath and attempted to relax.
The harder she tried to relax the greater her anxiety grew, she could switch to a smaller one but the fear od disappointment over ruled that silly thought. Another deep breath in, and she pushed it against her puckered hole, as it entered she exhaled that sounded more like a moan, the further it entered that harder she tried to relax, it did not matter the oddly pleasuring discomfort filled her, it seemed to take forever to reach the base, she felt somewhat relieved to have it all the way in, she grabbed the package and laid it next to her….she wondered next how long would she have to wait for His call….she laid still her hunger for Him was building, her pussy pulsated when the
phone rang….
 His voice was calm as He asked her if she had followed His orders, her voice was meek and quiet as she answered Him with

“Yes Sir”
“Good, have you figured out what was in the box my dear?”
“No Sir, i can’t figure it out”
“Perhaps, you need more time to think on it…Do you need some more time?”
“SIr, i do not know what is inside, but it is driving me mad not knowing what you have sent me”
” Well what would you like it to be?”
“i would like it to be you, Sir”
“Now although the thought is a kind one, but how in the world would I fit in that box?”
“You wouldn’t Sir”
“Which plug did you insert for me?”
“The large one Sir”
“Good, are you comfortable?”
“Yes Sir, i am, but my bottom isn’t”
“Even better….”
“Touch that pussy for me”
“Yes Sir”
“Do you like that?”
“Yes Sir i like it very much”
“Would you like to remove your plug now?”
“Only if you want me to SIr”
“Well, if you take it out, you may open the box…”
she interrupted “Yes SIr i want it out….”
“As I was saying, if you open the box you must insert the contents in your ass in place of that plug”
“Oh My God, are you serious?”
“YES! Now remove that plug”
“Yes Sir”
“Is it out?”
“Yes Sir”
“Are you ready to open your gift?”
she took a deep breath and answered….
“Open your gift now”
she opened the package with shaking hands, her breathing was brisk, she eagerly removed the tape and crinkled up the thick brown paper…she took a shocking deep breath when she opened the box, inside was a large butt plug, bigger then her largest, she had seen them online but thought “there is no way in hell that is going in mine….” now she was thinking “how in the world am i going to be able to take all of this?”
“Thank you Sir”
her voice quivered as she spoke,
“Do you like it?”
“Yes Sir, it is nice, but very large”
“Do you think you can take it?”
“i don’t know Sir, but i will try it for you”
“You will do more than try, you will take all of it, Is that understood?”
“Y-y-yes Sir”
“Good girl, now apply some lube, and run your hand over it as you do my cock, feel the girth, you may want to add extra lube, this would not be a time to hurry and miss a spot. Are you stroking it as you apply the lube?”
“Yes Sir”
“Good, now bend over the side of the bed and insert it, I want you to tell me when it is in all the way”
her breathing was erratic, her moans and groans pleased Him, like music to His ears, He could tell by her breathing when she had slowed her pressing to insert it…
“No breaks, I want it all the way in”
“Yes Sir, i am sorry”
her legs began to shake as she tried to push it all the way in…
“S-s-s-s-s-sir i don’t-t-t-t-t-t-t think i-i-i-i-i-i can”

“Well if you don’t think you can take that plug into your ass, simply stop thinking”
The sound of his infuriating calm voice sent forth a torrent of her pussy juices down her bare legs.  If she had worn her usual thigh high stockings they’d be soaking wet now, instead the bedding was starting to get damp.  Her sore nipples were pressed into the sheets sending further waves of torment through her body.  All this was dimly in the background as her mind was centered on her protesting sphincter.  “Stop thinking”, that was his suggestion, so she complied.
“Oh Sir the plug is going in more now but i can feel my anal ring starting to split”.  “i will force the plug in if you command it” she whimpered.

“Have you lost your mind.  What are your standing orders girl?”
His words startled her back from the brink.  She was about to tear or split her sphincter on his command.
“My standing orders are to never damage your property, and i am your property”.  “Forgive me for my lapse in judgement, but I only wanted to please you”.
“I’m glad to know that you haven’t forgotten your training entirely”  “Stop and lie down on the bed, face up”.  “To remedy your forgetfulness, you will apply the nipple clamps again”.
She staggered onto the bed and fumbled for the clamps.  The left nipple screamed in agony as the clamp was reattached.  Her hand was shaking so hard that the clamp slipped out of her hand and bit into her right nipple.  She howled in pain but dutifully managed to force the clamp on properly.
“Sir, my nipples are clamped again” she reported.
“Good girl, you may now resume the insertion process” he ordered.
She took the evil-looking butt plug and began to push it into her bottom.  With slow and steady pressure applied, her sphincter began to open up to the plug.  Perhaps the awful pain of her nipples distracted her, but it seemed that the butt plug was sliding in more easily this time.  She began to push and pull the plug as if it were His cock being jammed into her ass.  This sent more pussy juice to gush forth and the additional liquid bathed the butt plug as she pounded it into her anus.  The plug was now slick with the combination of lubricant and her own juices as her fingers forced the object in.  Her scream of pain and pleasure announced the full insertion of the giant plug.
He heard her scream and was pleased.


***Editors note: this is a story that i had a great amount of help and inspiration with,
i began the story and a Dom finished it, it doesn’t matter where one stopped and one
began, all that matters is, it is one of my favorite things i have ever written..
“S” Thank you so much Sir!***

Happy Easter….

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Easter is my favorite of all the holidays….

i seriously heart it….

i do love coloring some eggs, with my children, but this year, we decided to show up for the gathering early so all the kiddos could color their eggs together, and when you give my youngest kiddo some cups of food coloring,  well he needs supervision, so who better to supervise then :ahem: me and puppy ?

There were several dozens of eggs, to be done, the older kids, got bored after dying a few each and went back to playing the wii, so puppy and i began dipping, and dying…then we began giggling….(which isn’t usual for us) well there were other cousins there, who chimed into our conversations and before long there were several grown women dying eggs, and making perverse comments….

it began with my first creation…a simple colored egg, that i wrote “i really thought getting laid would have been more fun…”



here are a few other creations…..

*i like cock (a-doodle-do)*

*do you like it hard? soft? or over easy?*

*on the back i drew some psycho boobs….run back to puppy’s blog to see them because i am too embarrassed to show you mine*

*beat me whip me, make me meringue*

when my naked chick egg was held upside down, it looked like a mans face….who knew i had such talent???

the opposing side of this one said *im a rooster*


puppy and i went to the guest room and began taking pictures of the creations,so i drew a collar it was nothing special…then puppy said “i can’t believe we are collaring eggs for Easter” we burst into laughter, i was thankful i had just gone and peed…otherwise…ummm yea well it was that funny….and here is our finale’

created by puppy….


next year…there will be an egg with an undershirt drawn on it…labeled *egg beater*

how will you label your egg??

i would love to hear….

Happy Easter!

May we all fuck like bunnies today….or you all…may you all fuck like bunnies today…i am spending my day without…lol

***editors note: we didn’t hide the perverse eggs for the children to find…we aren’t totally warped…but instead we hid them for the elders to find…we made  the aunt and uncles carry little baskets and hunt eggs lol i seriously can NOT wait until next year…but this brat has never EVER been a patient one….***