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Eye Candy…

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Hush girl.

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Two simple, soft, yet powerful words…hush girl…
i am unsure of why these words are as powerful as they have become, i just know they are.
He has told me to hush several times now.

i know i tend to get ahead of myself, and when i do..
hush girl….is all He says.
i know i tend to think negative of myself, it is not at any fault to Him, but yet i go there.
hush girl…is all He says.
Some things are difficult for me to wrap my mind around, so i go on my little frenzy of thoughts.
hush girl…is all He says.
i am sure His vocabulary is larger than most,

i am sure He could stop me in my tracks just as fast with a shut up,
but i do not feel it would make me melt as He reels me back in from myself.

There is something about this Man, i can not put my finger on it just yet, but i know this experience is going to amazing.
He said all He needs from me is to hush  my obedience and compliance.

i fear Him, i am intimidated by Him, He makes my head spin.
He makes me hush…
i feel like i have found the One, that can save me from myself.