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The MilkMan

Posted in submission on October 4, 2010 by fukpuppet


Why is the MilkMan getting laid by every slut around? Is it because He is dependable? He always brings the fresh goods? Is it the uniform? Makes me want to be a milkwoman, i have a milk man….but of a different sorts. He milks my brain, for the dark hidden secrets that i sometimes hide from myself. He makes my heart pound, my mind race, my face flush, my nipples ache, and last but not least He milks my cunt, He dehydrates my cunt, He often leaves me breathless, lying in a puddle of my own cunt juice, begging Him to stop, because i can not take any more, but yet He always milks one more orgasm out of me. He doesn’t allow me to cum a million times with each session, sometimes it’s once, sometimes its seven, or five, it’s very random, but regardless of the number of times He pushes me to beg Him to cum, each session is mind-blowing and amazing.

He is one of my dearest, He knows things that most don’t, He uses those against me, in order for Him to find pleasure. He craves my orgasms like i crave His command to do so. We do not always get to play when we want, life has a way of showing us who is really in control. My youngest has a built-in “Momme is touching her cooter” alarm, so yes life gets in the way, but the storm that continues to brew in me until the next time i am allowed to please Him is always there…..brewing…..stewing….waiting for Him to want to use me…waiting for Him to allow this slut to please Him…..

i read puppy’s post, it seriously made my cunt spasm, while reading it, i was talking to The MilkMan in IMs, we had already discussed Him using me tomorrow, so the anticipation is totally doing cartwheels on my clit, granted, there is no blister there yet….but my cunt is an impatient thing, that longs for His command….

Here is what was said:

me: Omg

Him: what?

me: You need to read PuppyTales
          No wait…..Maybe you shouldnt

Him: lmao
           hang on a couple minutes

me: Yes Sir

Him: “force to fuck my cousin”

me: Omg

Him: laughs softly…. certainly works for you

me: Yes Sir
…….I need to get a hitachi lol
…….My cunt clenched reading that
……..She really got a blister hahahahahaha

Him: you do

me: Yes Sir?

Him: lmao….. hitachis are pricey but if you had one it’s about the size of being fisted

me: i am going to explode come tomorrow

Him:  lol… are you?

Me: Yes Sir,  i am

Him: smile

me: but i need it

Him: smile

me: grins

Him: thinking of puppy with a strapon

me:  You are?

Him: yes
………watching her fuck you
……… I wonder if you could suck cock while you were fucked


me: i would try my best for You Sir

Him: or … one of us could fuck your pussy while the other took your asshole
………and filled you completely…I think I’d put her in front…..her breasts pressed to you

me: Omg

Him: I haven’t seen a picture of puppy in a long time but as I recall she has kind of medium sized pretty breasts

me: she has large breasts….like mine

Him: smile

me: You have me wet

Him: smiles…..just from that?

me:  No from all the mind fucksYou have given me about her

Him: smile

me: *blushes*

Him: hmmmm….and then of course there’s the whole business of having you play with her


me: Yes Sir

Him: does she have a pretty cunt?
……..I know you’ve seen it
……..think about it, slut

me:  Yes Sir,  she does

Him: is it shaved?

…….or does she have a little fur?

me: Yes Sir

……No Sir, it is bare

Him: so you know what it looks like
…….I’m sure W would be fine with having you shave it

me: Oh god, Sir

Him: just imagine puppy laid out in front of you…naked…legs spread
……..while you carefully, methodically shaved her
……..I’d want you to get her very smooth

me: Omg

Him:  after all, if you were shaving her


…….. it would mean W had put her in my care for
the moment
………your fingers gently holding her folds back from the razor

me: Yes Sir

Him:  not really playing with her…but still..fingers holding her clit back
……..covering it
……..touching it
……..protecting it

me: Yes Sir

Him: requiring you to lay against her cunt…rub your cheek…tell me if she is
……..completely smooth
……..her scent filling you

me: Omg!

Him: ……. whispering in your ear that she’s like a sister

me: Yes Sir

Him:  having you trace her folds…look at them close
……..with your fingers in your cunt …feeling how wet you are
………pointing out what a slutty thing it is to get so wet
………from puppy…
………that would mean you were a dirty girl

me: Yes Sir

Him:  there you’d be…face right on her cunt
………sooo smooth
……….you know she’d be wet because she’s just as slutty as you

me: Yes Sir

Him:  so obviously you can’t lick puppy’s cunt
……..can you, slut?

me: No Sir

Him: but if I grabbed your hair and told you to stick your tongue out
…….and pushed your against her cunt
…….moved you against her
…….so your tongue swirled around her clit
…….ran between her lips
…….you would tasted her
…….leaned over and told you to lick her cunt
…….for Me

me: Then i would Sir

Him: yes slut,
……..then you would have to lick puppys wet cunt
……..and feel her hips move
……..and feel her cum

me: Yes Sir

Him: and you would be very very wet

me: Yes Sir

Him: like you are now, slut

me: Yes Sir

Him: good girl
…….we’ll talk about puppy tomorrow perhaps


me: Yes Sir

Him: get some rest puppet….you will need it…..


A submissives point of view…

Posted in submission, Uncategorized on August 9, 2010 by fukpuppet

* i have always felt submissive, and thought i was once owned, but actually looking back, it was just kink, i ran that relationship…although i have never really felt owned, i do absolutely love submitting to One….”

i will admit i was a nervous wreck meeting “S”, He scares me, He always has, so  knowing it would be mere minutes before actually meeting Him face to face, scared the shit out of me.

i waited in the hotel bar, like He requested, i ordered a vodka sour with a cherry, but apparently the way those are made in NYC isn’t the same way they are made in BFE, i couldn’t drink it, it was gross (i thought about ordering a few shots of tequilla, but tequilla and i do not mesh well together). i sat there playing with my phone, telling myself it was no big deal, i was attempting to mind fuck myself in to just relax and have fun. i mean it was NOT like i was meeting a total stranger, i mean it was “S” for goodness sakes! We have spent hours and hours on the phone, we have exchanged thousands of emails, we knew each other, but something about being in His presence scared me…BAD!

i look up from playing with my phone, and there He was looking across the very dim-lit bar, we made eye contact and both smiled (now my mind is racing, do i hug Him, do i shake His hand, do i just sit here, OMG what do i do). While arguing with myself inside my head, He sat next to me, He ordered a drink, and we began chatting. i soon found myself at ease, i wasn’t worried about my hair, whether or not my lipstick was on, if i had a fat roll hanging out, etc…but the one thing i had trouble with the most, was making eye contact. Why was this so difficult for me? i mean you make eye contact and you can usually read the other persons mood. i however, did not want to know, i fear His eyes would show regret, i know call me silly, because we are friends, and nothing will change that, i knew that in my heart of hearts, but yet i still could NOT look Him in the eyes.

 He even said, “you know, you can look at Me in face, eye contact isn’t restricted.” (crap! Was i unknowingly already submitting?) We chatted while He finished His drink, then He asked to show me around. We leave the hotel, i texted puppy saying “He is nice, we are leaving the hotel…going walking”. We walked for about an hour or so, it was a beautiful night, we returned to the hotel bar, but it was closing for the night, so i offered Him up to my room.

The hotel had super sonic speed elevators, which was a blessing because for the life of me, i could get a single word to leave my lips. Again, i was a ball of nerves. Thankfully, He is talkative, because i feared once in the room it would just be silence, oh yea readers, i am one shy gal (or at first anyway, then i get comfy and i tend to forget to hush lol )

The room had two beds, we sat down across from each other, on separate beds, we spoke of sights to be seen or not seen, my travel experience for the day and just other random things, i was slowing winning the battle against my nerves. He stood to leave and hugged me, then leaned down like He was going to kiss me, i look up in His eyes and He said, “Kneel for Me”, i am not sure if i spoke or just knelt, He began allowing me to kiss Him, it felt amazing. i have never knelt for anyone before, i was full of butterflies, and i was beginning to feel my heart begin to beat.

After several moments of kissing, He ordered me to remove my top and bra, i slipped them off, and looked down, He began to caress them and inspect them, He spoke and said “There isn’t even a single mark on them”, He started pinching and twisting my nipples, my body began to shake, my lungs began to fill with oxygen, slowly i was being resurrected.

With my exposed breasts in His warm hands, He rubbed  all over them, softly and sensually, i began to relax, and then something changed. He was now slapping them, one, then the other, over and over and over again. i was truly in heaven, my skin once so starved of feeling, was now being fed gross amounts of pleasure. The pain tasted so sweet, i was on a sugar high, my body still shaking, my breath exscaping me, i began searching for another breath, it was unlike any thing i have felt before. The slaps became harder, i began fighting with my tearducts. i ordered them not to spill over, but i do NOT make a good domme, that or my tearducts are the brattiest of brats. The tears started crawling down my face, He wiped my face and said “Hmmm, are you sure you aren’t faking theese tears?, “No Sir, i was trying to hold them back as long as i could”. He replied, “Why would you deny me what is mine?” i said now sobbing “Because, i don’t want you to stop” He smirked by saying “you do not control when or why I stop, understood?”….”Yes Sir”….

i can not wrap my mind around every word or action that was said or done, i just know i was alive and it felt wonderful, my breasts were red and full of heat, still i wanted more. He denied me more, He said goodbye and left me kneeling…and of course wanting more.


The morning after…

Where i belong….

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Master~baiting is very challenging, i feel like i have answered a million questions about myself, and have asked just as many from others, trying to find their core, what makes them tick. i have discovered that 11/10 Masters want a gal with a shaved cooter, but do not care about her ability to do simple math. (the fraction was a joke people) i have given my blog addy out to a few when they ask another popular question (ranks up there with “is your cunt shaved?”) “what are your fantasies little one?”, some have taken my ‘Master~baiting’ blog a bit to serious, it was NOT meant literal, i was only teasing. One told me it was not attractive to brag about what a slut i am, that the Dom should do that, not the girl.

 (excuse me while i sigh…:::sighs::::)

Okay i am back to the topic “Where i belong….”

Today a very friendly/horny/can’t wait to hear me cum for Him/Dom asked me a simple question, and He said my answer would tell Him what he needed to know about me….(this is where my stomach tightens up and i feel like i may get a bad case of diarrhea…not sure why this made me so damn nervous, but it did….) “Tell me, what was your very first experience with sucking cock?” He wants to know about the first time i tasted cock? What in the world is that going to say about me? Well folks, you know when you have one of those moments, a shockingly quick moment, i could almost hear a swooshing sound as my subbi head came shooting out of my subbi ass, where apparently it has been hidden since i was 14, i told Him 15, but actually it was like two months before my 15th birthday.

When i was a freshman, i had to transfer to a new school because i lived just south of BFE (which is where i reside now if you plan on stalking me 😉 ) and i had this best friend, she was a year older then me, she was the youngest, her parents basically adopted me, i was at her house more then at my own, she has an older sister and a brother as well. Her sister was out of college her brother was still in college. He was a jock, a big studly football player, he was about two inches taller then me, but was one big thick slab of man meat, he had no hair on his chest, and had some killer green eyes, and could fill up a pair of Wranglers better then anyone i have ever laid my eyes on. He always picked on me, which was fine, he picked on everyone, all the high school girls flocked to him when he was home to watch a football game or whatever. He had a very serious girl friend that he met at college, she was tall thin and thought her shit didn’t stink, and well everyone hated her because she was His. During Thanksgiving break he had knee surgery, and since he had a waterbed, he had to sleep on the couch for a few weeks, i fell asleep next to the couch on this huge bean bag, and sometime in the night i awoke to his leg (not the bummed one) next to me on the bean bag, i just out of the blue, rubbed up his leg, then began to climb up his leg, he pulled his boxers down in the front and there was a thick cock laying up against his stomach, i began kissing his thigh and before i knew it i had his cock in my mouth, milking it for all it was worth, i felt his cock pulsate in my mouth which scared me, i took my mouth off of him and look up at him, he closed his eyes as his seed slammed against my cheek and neck, i was shocked, i had never been that close to a cock, i was still a virgin, much less had any great idea that it was going to hose my face down with hot lava. He reached down tucked a long strand of hair out of my face and smiled, i got up went to the bathroom and washed my face.

This went on until i graduated high school, we never spoke about it, some nights when i was there he would wake me up, the rest of the time, i drifted into his room, every time began and ended the same, never a word spoken. I do not think in those four years, he was home from college that i wasn’t there too. He gave me attention in public, always acknowledged me as the little sister his family adopted but he never wanted. Every now and then he would give me a look, and i knew what he wanted, and i gladly did it. Out of that four years, do you know how many times we discussed my sucking his cock?

Absolutely, ZERO…

As i finished up telling my story on the phone today i was like “OMG, that is so subby” He said…”That is why i asked that question, you can tell alot about a girl once you know how she sucked her first cock”

I truly felt good about myself, so i am not going crazy (because i feel like i have and i don’t know who i am anymore) apparently i have been here a long long time folks….