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Dance for Me, wench…

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*lead to His seat by the leashed collar around the neck of His wench*

He sat down, watching her kneel for Him…

“Closer girl, I want to feel your heat on My skin”

As she crawls closer, she bites her lip and looks down with a soft blush upon her face, a tug of the leash brings her soft eyes up to meet His, “Closer” He whispered. Nestled up to Him she refrains from looking away, her mind is racing, the questions flutter her mind. He knows her mind is twirling with the dancing of thoughts…kneeling for Him, watching His eyes all the while playing the mind fuck shuffle He has stirred up in her.

He is pleased, very pleased with what He has created. This wanton creature who will do what ever He says, asks, or demands, just to please Him, so her soul can feel alive, so she feels her place in this great big world, to be reminded her only purpose is to serve Him.

Several moments go by, she continues to watch His eyes, the longer the silence lasts the faster the mind fuck shuffle plays in her head, she feels the pussy that belongs to Him clench between the kneeling legs, she wonders if He knows the monster He has created in her. The lustful creature that in moments like these she has a great deal of trouble controling. She thinks, He knows she has no control, she graciously gave that to Him long ago…

He interrupts her thoughts with His velvety voice…”Take your hands and present My breasts to Me, hold them up for Daddy” she slides her hands up her sides and lifts each breast and craddles them in her hands for Him. His eyes see the hunger in hers, He leans forward and takes each nipple and firmly pinches them and whispers to her “Use your hands to spread My pussy for Me”. she blushes and slips her hands down below, her blush brightens when she feels all the moisture, she takes each side and opens wide for Him.

Still feeling His breath against her ear, her head swoons, He whispers “Now lean into My shin, I want to feel My pussy, wench” she complies and moans softly as the clit touches His leg…”Such a compliant girl” He whispers while pinching the nipples harder. she moans softly and He returns to sitting upright in His chair.

“Craddle these beautiful breasts and show them to Me” His voice calm and like silk against her ears, she places her hand back beneath them and craddles them softly for Him.

He smiles down on His girl, her eyes brighten seeing His smile. “Dance for Me, wench” He tells her, she blinks, His smile gets wider “Yes, babygirl, dance for Me, do not allow this pussy to lose contact with Me”

The blush is inediable, she begins to move her hips and sways side to side, and up and down, feeling His shin bone over the clit, she feels the heat in her face, but can not help but to get lost in the dance. He leans up and kisses her softly on the mouth and whispers “Is this blush for Me?” He slips His mouth over hers before she can answer “Yes, my Daddy”, lost in the dance, lost in His kiss, lost the way with every sway of the hips brings pleasure for her. His lips leave hers, as He returns to sitting upright again, watching His girl dance for Him. The blush didnt register to her after that moment, she was suddenly lost in His eyes. “you could cum dancing for Daddy, couldn’t you, babygirl”? she bites her bottom lip and shakes her head yes, her dancing becomes faster, harder, and His eyes become brighter….”My girl likes dancing for Me” she replies with “mmhmm, please Daddy”

“Please?” He asks, her face changes with the desperation that is consuming her, “Please Daddy, i want to cum for You” He leans into her and kisses her softly and soon she feels Him pinching and twisting the perky nipples, she cries out “Please Daddy, please, please” His mouth covers hers again, ignoring her now muffled begging. she continues to grind up and down His leg, He feels her body quiver, He releases the kiss and says “Yes girl, give Me what is Mine” her body convulses over and over, He feels her warm juices run down the front of His leg and atop of His foot, “mmmmm such a beautiful dance My babygirl, but now there is a mess that needs to be cleaned up” she looks in His eyes and slips back from Him and leans down and licks up the juices she spilled down His leg.

Smiling He looks down to her lapping up His leg and foot, He grabs the leash once more and tugs it upward, “In My lap babygirl, you know where you belong”, she looks up and smiles….then thinks this is where i belong as she crawls up into His lap…Thank You, Daddy.


Eye Candy…

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Hush girl.

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Two simple, soft, yet powerful words…hush girl…
i am unsure of why these words are as powerful as they have become, i just know they are.
He has told me to hush several times now.

i know i tend to get ahead of myself, and when i do..
hush girl….is all He says.
i know i tend to think negative of myself, it is not at any fault to Him, but yet i go there.
hush girl…is all He says.
Some things are difficult for me to wrap my mind around, so i go on my little frenzy of thoughts.
hush girl…is all He says.
i am sure His vocabulary is larger than most,

i am sure He could stop me in my tracks just as fast with a shut up,
but i do not feel it would make me melt as He reels me back in from myself.

There is something about this Man, i can not put my finger on it just yet, but i know this experience is going to amazing.
He said all He needs from me is to hush  my obedience and compliance.

i fear Him, i am intimidated by Him, He makes my head spin.
He makes me hush…
i feel like i have found the One, that can save me from myself.

Happy Twenty-Eleven!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 1, 2011 by fukpuppet

Wishing you all a great new year or a new rear…wait! It is i that needs a new rear. Twenty swats with His hand and eleven with a belt….i think turning 35 in about a week will have me wishing for just that…a new rear! 🙂

Thank you all for keeping up with me this past year…i look forward to the next!

Ho Ho Ho….

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Caught up in the hustle and bustle and the spirit of things….Sending you all warm wishes and with hopes everyone found warmth and happiness this holiday season….Tis the Season….i do love this time of year…even if i’m a bad girl more times then not…

Never Talk With Your Mouth Full…..

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That is like a golden rule right?

What kind of slave would i be if i spoke with mine full??

So if anyone wondered where i have been….

well i haven’t had a chance to say much, my mouth has been gagged or full….

Or a lil i’ve been a lil tied up….

Hope to get back to you all soon! 😉



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i am in an odd place at the moment, my bruises have faded from the NYC trip, and i miss them, i want them back. The pain was oxygen to my soul, i do not understand my need or want nor the high i get from enduring such for someone. He was brutal, He was calm, He was pleased. my tears stained with mascarra flowed like the wine at dinner, but He caught every one of them, as quickly has He caused them, He in turn made them disappear.

i feared i wasn’t strong enough for His taste, i mean i wanted to please Him to my best ability, but the “what ifs” did find my mind. i am sure He has experienced better pain sluts then i. What if all i could handle wasn’t even an appetizer for Him?

He prepared the most wonderful dinner, He even allowed me to come over early to assist Him in the kitchen. (i was thrilled by this, i was one über happy girl) He made me a drink, and we chatted a bit, then He started giving me small tasks to do. My breasts were still tender from the first time i got to kneel before Him. The tenderness made me smile, i seriously have spent the last year of my life wondering if all i dreamt would taste as sweet as it did in my head. Turns out i was more than wrong. The reality was far more flavorful than i imagined.

After dinner, puppy and W left, i ended up spending the night with Master Chef. i do wish i could tell you all that happened, but it is a big thick fog, i just know it was one of the greatest nights of my life. i was finally me. He had His way with my body, the slapping, the flogging, the clover clamps, the tears that fell, the explosive flooding orgasms i got to experience, and the beautiful marks i got to take with me. i was never scared of Him hurting me.  i even expressed to Him once, “i know You would never hurt me” His response, “No, but I will cause you such exquisite pain”….and He did just that.

So, what now? my bruises have faded, and i want them back! So, i am not sure i am experiencing some form of subdrop, one thing about Master Chef, His aftercare is amazing, He doesn’t like anything broken, He broke me down and put me back together, which i felt like i was new and improved afterwards. So, i am at a loss on why i feel so sad to see those bruises fade.